Job Board Description Best Practices – Always Use Peer Review

Job Board Description Best Practices – Always Use Peer Review

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Having more than one person review your job description and give you notes will allow you to take advantage of a broader perspective than you will be able to achieve on your own. It is particularly good to get a diverse audience to look at the wording, including people of different genders, backgrounds, and positions at the organization. Making use of the collective intelligence of people with different points of view will help you to craft the most accessible copy possible.

In addition to enlisting the assistance of a diverse group of people, you should also target your peer review efforts. Find someone either in your organization, or who is a colleague, that has or has had that particular job before, and get them to read your description over. Only someone who has actually worked in a particular role will know the unique needs and challenges that someone in that position will face.

Job Board Description Best Practices

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