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Every job has something about it that makes it different, special. It might be the nature of the product, or the team, or the benefits, or even the particular challenges associated with a role. Using cookie cutter language to describe an open position doesn’t make you seem accessible, rather it causes your post to blend in with the crowd, getting lost in the lists of other opportunities.

Figure out what it is about this opportunity that is unique, and then focus on that. Not only will you get more attention, but you will also get more specific, niche attention, from individuals that will best be equipped to handle the distinct nature of the job. Those are the people who will be able to excel.

Bad: Seeking a Senior Software Engineer to join our startup in Silicon Valley.
Good: Join one of the fastest growing mobile startups in Silicon Valley.

Bad: Expert Software Developer is responsible for technical design, coding, testing, and support of custom software applications.
Good: Expert Software Developers, come work at a company where you will get to build and develop tools that will change the world.

Job Board Description Best Practices

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