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We Are Women Who Code

Women Who Code (WWCode) is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. We connect amazing women with other like minded amazing women around the globe who unite under one simple notion – the world of technology is much better with women in it. To date, our organization has executed more than 1,200 free technical events around the world, garnered a membership exceeding 25,000, and has a presence in 15 countries.


Jessica Dillon: A Software Engineer Who's Living The Dream

MySpace was Jessica Dillon’s inauspicious introduction to the world of programming. There she dabbled with profile layouts and designs using simple CSS styling techniques. In college she studied Business Administration and Geology, but she also got another taste of the tech world, finding employm

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How Robots and Video Games Changed Fiona Tay’s Life

Fiona Tay is a successful software engineer at Airbnb, a hypergrowth startup that has become a buzzword in the travel industry. There she coordinates with several teams of talented individuals in order to optimize and maintain the design and function of the company’s website. That puts her at the

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A Passion For Code Leads To Nike For Sandy Jacobs

Sandy Jacobs started her career as a Systems Analyst at IBM, and while partnering with programmers she quickly noticed something about their work that was different than hers: they were having a lot more fun.

Sandy took her first steps to pursuing a new, more fun career by going back to s

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