Job Board Descriptions - Speak Directly to Them, Not “The Candidate"

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The more personal that you can make your job description the more it will resonate with the person reading it. Try to make it sound like you are speaking directly to them, each of them, not just to the audience as a whole. This can be done by employing the word “you” instead of more impersonal terms like “the candidate” or “the applicant.” This will give the copy a more familiar feel and will help to connect with potential employees in a more meaningful way.

This is true linguistically, as well as in tone. You want to make sure that your job description emphasizes the elements of the position that will be most attractive to tech professionals, and highlights those factors that make it a unique opportunity for someone who is the right fit.

Bad: The candidate will be responsible for overseeing product development.
Good: You will be responsible for overseeing product development.

Bad: Seeking an applicant that can handle the management of large teams.
Good: You will be handling the management of large teams.

Job Board Description Best Practices

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