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The more succinct your job ad is, the more opportunity that you have to stand out in the minds of potential applicants. A long, complicated, drawn out series of paragraphs can easily get lost in the sea of competing positions. However something that is short, snappy, witty, and distinct, can catch in a person’s mind and make you stand out from the crowd.

This is also important due to the distinction between active and passive job seekers. If someone already has a place of employment, but isn’t happy there, they may browse job boards to see what is available. But their time will be limited, which means they they won’t want to read a novel about your potential opportunity. However you can still snag their interest with a description that is concise and direct, telling them exactly what you can offer.

Keep the job description as simple and concise as possible. WWCode For Companies helps in this regard, providing a sleek interface that guides companies in creating more focused ads.

Job Board Description Best Practices

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