Women Who Code FAQ

What is Women Who Code?
Women Who Code is an global non-profit with a set of programs for engineers to reach the careers we want. Our organization consists of over 50,000 members around the world, and located 60 cities, each representing a Network within 20 countries. Collectively, our Networks run 1500+ free and low cost technical events every year.

What is the goal of Women Who Code?
Women Who Code helps engineers level up. We are successful when our members love their careers and stay in tech. Currently, women who are mid into their careers are leaving tech at 56%, a rate higher than man. One reason is that women have a much lower chance of being promoted. As a result, we focus changing the perception of the industry by highlighting the achievements and success of the diverse array of engineers that work in these professions.

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Where can I find out more about your organization?
Check out our About Us page.

How can I get involved in Women Who Code?
You can join the Women Who Code Network nearest you here. Each network has regular events for engineers to further enhance their technical skills and leadership skills. You can also sign up for our weekly CODE Review Newsletter, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Can I post a job to your community?
Yes, you can post here, to our job board .

Can I post an event to your community?
We post relevant tech events in our weekly publication the CODE Review. You can submit an event here. Please note that there is a recommended donation for each posting, and organizations that can offer discounts and free tickets to our members will get improved placement.