Recommended tutorials, blogs, videos, etc. to help you get started learning to code, learning a new language, or polishing up your existing skills!

35 Useful CSS3 Tutorials To Boost Your Skillstutorialbeginner, intermediate, advancedhtml, css
5 more ways to start learning how to code right now for freeblog post, referencebeginnercomputer science, learn to code, general programming
5 Ways To Learn Code From The Comfort Of Your Own Browserblog post, referencebeginnerlearn to code
Also, Why I'm learning to codeblog post, referencebeginner, intermediate, advancedlearn to code
Alternate Java Programming Style Guide from JavaRanchstyle guidebeginner, intermediate, advancedjava
Atlassian Git Tutorialstutorialbeginner, intermediategit
Automate the Boring Stuff with Pythontutorialbeginnerpython
AWS Loft Talk An Engineer's Tour of the Internet of Things (Sep 2015 video)videobeginner, intermediate, advancediot
Babel's ECMAScript 6 tutorialtutorialbeginner, intermediatejavascript
Bug Bounties 101 - Getting Startedguide, referencebeginner, intermediatebug, security
Bugcrowd blog - for bug bounty communityblogbeginner, intermediatebug, security
Build Cross Browser Extensions in Minutes - Crossrider.comproductintermediate, advancedhtml, css
BuildingWebApps.comtutorial, referencebeginner, intermediateruby, html, css
BuildItSecure.lyguide, referencebeginner, intermediate, advancediot - talk introducing initiative - initiative mentioned at 37:36videobeginner, intermediate, advancediot
BYTE: A Special issue on Smalltalkreferencebeginner, intermediatesmalltalk
C/C++ Referencereferencebeginner, intermediate, advancedc++
Code academytutorialbeginner, intermediatejavascript
Codecademylab, interactive course, tutorialbeginnerrails, sql, angularjs, ruby, git, javascript, python, html, css, php, java
Codecademy.comschool, trainingbeginner, intermediate, advancedschools
Codecademy is now teaching Python!tutorialbeginner, intermediatepython
Codecademy - Rubytutorialbeginner, intermediateruby
Codecademy - Ruby Trackinteractive course, tutorialbeginner, intermediatelearn to code, ruby
Codecademy's Learn SQLtutorialbeginner, intermediatesql
CodeEval - Evaluations Made Easyhelp forumbeginner, intermediate, advancedmisc Go Tutorialvideo, tutorialbeginner, intermediate, advancedGo
CodePath iOS Guidestutorialbeginner, intermediateiOS
CodePath iOS Guides for Designerstutorialbeginner, intermediateiOS
CodePath YouTube playlistsvideobeginner, intermediateiOS
CodePen - scope out cool ideas for html/css/js projectscode projectsbeginner, intermediatejavascript
Coder Projectscode projectsbeginner, intermediategeneral programming
Code Schoolvideo, podcast, tutorialbeginner, intermediate, advancedrails, sql, objective-c, ruby, iOS, git, javascript, html, css
Code School - Discover Chrome DevToolstoolsbeginner, intermediate, advancedmisc
Code School: Rails for Zombiesvideo, tutorialbeginner, intermediateruby
Code School's Try Objective-Ctutorialbeginner, intermediateiOS
Code School - Try Git (in-browser)interactive, practicebeginner, intermediategit
Code School - Try Rtutorialbeginner, intermediatedata
CodingBat Java practice problemspractice problems, quiz, tutorialbeginner, intermediatejava
CodingBat Python practice problemspractice problemsbeginner, intermediatepython
Collaborating to Win -- presentation on Collaborative CTF Infrastructure (video)videobeginner, intermediatectf, security
Collaborating to Win -- write up of talk with linksreferencebeginner, intermediatectf, security
Computer Programming using GNU Smalltalkbookbeginner, intermediatesmalltalk
Computer Science: Free Coursesreferencebeginner, intermediate, advancedcomputer science, learn to code, general programming
Coursera Pythontutorialbeginner, intermediatepython
Coursera - The Data Scientist’s Toolbox (John Hopkin's University)tutorialbeginner, intermediatedata
Cracking the Coding Interviewbookbeginner, intermediateinteview, general programming
CSS Diner: Select the Platesinteractive course, gameintermediatecss
CSS Selectorsreferenceintermediatecss
CTF Field Guideguide, referencebeginner, intermediatectf, security
ctftime.orgchallengesbeginner, intermediatectf, security
Dash: General Assemblylab, interactive course, tutorialbeginnerjavascript, html, css
Developing Apps for iOS (SD)video, podcast, tutorialbeginner, intermediateiOS
Developing iOS 7 Apps with Objective-Cpodcast, tutorialintermediate, advancediOS
Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swiftpodcast, tutorialintermediate, advancedswift, iOS - IoT - includes Connected Greenhouse tutorial (uses Java language)tutorialbeginner, intermediate, advancediot
edX - Big Data in Education (Teachers College | Columbia University)tutorialbeginner, intermediatedata
edX - Explore statistics with Rtutorialbeginner, intermediatedata
Effective Gobook, tutorialbeginner, intermediate, advancedGo
Eloquent JavaScriptbookbeginner, intermediatejavascript
Embedded Device Hacking Blogblogbeginner, intermediatebug, security
Enjoy CSS.comlab, interactive courseintermediatecss
Exercismpractice problems, quiz, tutorialbeginner, intermediategeneral programming
Flatiron iOS pre-worktutorialbeginner, intermediateiOS
Free Code Campcode projectsbeginner, intermediatejavascript
Full Stack Pythontutorialbeginner, intermediatepython
Getting Started in Information Security (Reddit wiki)blog post, referencebeginner, intermediatesecurity
Git for Non-Developerstutorialbeginner, intermediategit
GitHub - Git Cheat Sheet (pdf)cheatsheetbeginner, intermediategit
Git-it - intro Git/Github tutorialtutorialbeginner, intermediategit
GNU Smalltalk User's Guidetutorialbeginner, intermediatesmalltalk
Go Language Tourtutorialbeginner, intermediateGo
Google Java Stylestyle guidebeginner, intermediate, advancedjava
Google's C++ Classtutorialbeginner, intermediatec++
Hacker Rankpractice problems, tutorialbeginner, intermediatejavascript
Head First Javabookbeginner, intermediatejava
HTML & CSSbookbeginner, intermediatehtml, css
InfoSec consulting companies - Ask Us Anything (2014 edition)blog post, referencebeginner, intermediatesecurity
InfoSec consulting companies - Ask Us Anything (2015 edition)blog post, referencebeginner, intermediatesecurity
Install Railstutorialbeginner, intermediateruby
iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (4th Edition):bookbeginner, intermediateiOS
Javascript and HTML5 Now - short overview of modern JS. bookbeginner, intermediatejavascript
JavaScript & JQuerybookbeginner, intermediatejavascript
Javascript The Good Partsbookintermediate, advancedjavascript
Khan Academytutorial, referencebeginner, intermediatejavascript
Khan Academy's Intro to SQLtutorialbeginner, intermediatesql
Learn C++tutorialbeginner, intermediatec++
Learn C The Hard Waybookbeginner, intermediatec
Learn Git Branchingtutorialbeginner, intermediate, advancedgit branching, git
Learn Go in Y minutestutorialbeginnerGo
Learning to Program in Go Video Seriesvideo, tutorialbeginner, intermediateGo
Learn Python with Gamesgamebeginner, intermediatepython
Learn Ruby with the EdgeCase Ruby Koansbook, tutorialbeginner, intermediateruby
Learn to code the hard waybookbeginner, intermediatecli
Learn to Program, by Chris Pinebookbeginnerlearn to code, ruby
Linux Fundamentals, Part 1tutorialbeginner, intermediate, advancedmisc, linux
Matasano Crypto Challengeshacking challenges, demo appsbeginner, intermediate, advancedsecurity
MIT 6.087 Practical Programming in C (taught January IAP 2010)tutorialbeginner, intermediatec, c++
MIT 6.088 Intro to C Memory Mgmt and C++ Object-Oriented Prog. (taught January IAP 2010)tutorialbeginner, intermediatec, c++
MIT 6.096 Introduction to C++ (taught January IAP 2011)tutorialbeginner, intermediatec, c++
MIT 6.S096 Effective Programming in C and C++ (taught January IAP 2014)tutorialbeginner, intermediatec, c++
MIT 6.S096 Introduction to C and C++ (taught January IAP 2013)tutorialbeginner, intermediatec, c++
MIT OpenCourseWareschool, trainingbeginner, intermediate, advancedschools
Mozilla's Javascript Tutorialguidebeginner, intermediatejavascript
Neural Networks for Machine Learningtutorial, referencebeginner, intermediate, advancedmisc, machine learning
NewCoder.iotutorialbeginner, intermediatepython
Nodeschooltutorial, referencebeginner, intermediatejavascript
Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (2nd Edition):bookbeginner, intermediateobjective c, iOS
One month Rails $$video, tutorialbeginner, intermediateruby
Original Coding Style Conventions for Java from Sunstyle guidebeginner, intermediate, advancedjava
OverTheWire WarGameshacking challenges, demo appsbeginner, intermediate, advancedsecurity
OWASP Security Shepard hacking challenges, demo appsbeginner, intermediate, advancedsecurity
picoCTF -- Carnegie Mellon University's CTF training appgamebeginner, intermediatectf, security
Pluralsight Classes for Govideo, tutorialbeginner, intermediateGo
Pragmatic studio Rails course $$video, tutorialbeginner, intermediateruby
Pro Gitbookbeginner, intermediategit
Programr | Online IT Lablabbeginner, intermediate, advancedajax, j2ee, flash, sql, js, angularjs, ruby, iOS, jquery, c#, python, html, css, php, c++, android, java
Project Eulertutorialbeginner, intermediatealgorithms
Python Introduction - Google's Python Classtutorialbeginner, intermediatepython
Rails Girls Guides - Rails Girlstutorialbeginner, intermediateruby
Ray Wenderlich tutorialsvideo, tutorialbeginner, intermediateiOS
Real Pythontutorialbeginner, intermediatepython
Ruby Best Practices - Bookbookbeginner, intermediateruby
$ Ruby cheat browse referencebeginner, intermediate, advancedruby
Ruby in 100 minutes - Jumpstart Lab Curriculumtutorialbeginner, intermediateruby
RubyMonkinteractive course, tutorialbeginner, intermediateruby tutorialbeginner, intermediateruby
Ruby on Rails Guidesguidebeginner, intermediateruby
Ruby on Rails Screencastsvideobeginner, intermediateruby
Ruby on Rails Tutorialbookbeginner, intermediateruby
Ruby Quizquizbeginner, intermediateruby
SASS for Web Designersbookbeginner, intermediatesass, css
Secure Coding Guidelines for Java SEguidelinesbeginner, intermediate, advancedjava
Smalltalk-72 Manualbookbeginner, intermediatesmalltalk
Smalltalk: An Introduction to Application Development Using VisualWorksbookbeginner, intermediatesmalltalk
Smalltalk Cheatsheetcheatsheet, referencebeginner, intermediatesmalltalk
Smalltalk, Objects, and Designbookbeginner, intermediatesmalltalk
Square's Intro to D3.JStutorialbeginner, intermediatejavascript
Stack Overflowhelp forumbeginner, intermediate, advancedmisc
Stanford School of Engineeringschool, trainingbeginner, intermediate, advancedschools
Teaching Kids Programming Designedkids, tutorialbeginnerjava
The Magic of CSStutorial, referenceintermediatecss
The Missing Manual for JavaScript & JQuerybookbeginner, intermediatejavascript
The Well-Grounded Rubyist bookbeginner, intermediateruby
Treehousevideo, lab, interactive course, tutorialbeginner, intermediategame development, databases, design, ruby, iOS, wordpress, javascript, c#, html, css, php, android, java
Try Gittutorialbeginnergit
Tryruby.orginteractive coursebeginner, intermediateruby
Try SQL - Code Schooltutorialbeginner, intermediatesql
Tutorials Pointtutorialbeginner, intermediatejavascript
Udemyvideo, podcast, tutorialbeginner, intermediaterails, ruby, iOS, javascript, c#, python, html, css, php, android, nodejs, java
Udemy: Learn the Foundations of HTMLtutorial, referencebeginnerhtml, css
VIM Adventuresgamebeginner, intermediate, advancedmisc, vim
Visualgo - Animated visualizations for algorithmstutorialbeginner, intermediatealgorithms
w3schools.comtutorial, referencebeginnerjavascript, html, css

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