Jobs FAQ

How do I post a job? 

The first step is to purchase job credits by choosing a one-time website post or one of our monthly subscription plans on our Companies Page. If you’ve already purchased a website post or subscription, simply go to your dashboard and click “Post a Job.”

Do you track clicks on the "Apply Now" URL? 

Yes. Please email if you would like to see analytics data for your posting.

Why do I only have a 141 characters to describe my position? 

Research has found that employers who include too many requirements risk losing qualified applicants that might otherwise be able to learn the necessary skills on the job. We reserve the right to edit job posts in order to make them better match the Women Who Code community (for more information, please see our Terms of Service).

I have job credits but am not looking to hire right now. Can I save them for later? 

Absolutely! Job credits and Visibility Boosts can be used at any time, they do not expire.

Do you issue refunds? 

Women Who Code does not give refunds for any job posts or subscriptions (please see our Terms of Service).

I forgot my password. 

Please go to here and click "Forgot Password?" to reset your password.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime by emailing us at There is no minimum commitment for our monthly or annual plans.

I am interested in partnering with Women Who Code on a global level. Where can I find more information about this?

Please email for more information about our partnership opportunities. To view a list of our existing partners, please visit this page