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How do I post a job?

To post a job, click here. You'll be asked to sign up first.

What is the Women Who Code job board?

The Women Who Code job board is your opportunity to connect with our community of over 80,000 engineers. We created an experience that facilitates efficient communication between employers and potential tech employees by eliminating the subconscious biases which are often a barrier to effective hiring practices.

What Sets the Women Who Code Job Board Apart?

Our job board features a minimalist approach that helps attract engineers. The application process is quick and easy, allowing engineers who may not be actively seeking employment to quickly explore potential opportunities. It also encourages companies to highlight job benefits.

What are the different plan options that are available for posting a job?

  • Website Post: A single employment opportunity published on the Women Who Code job board which will last for one month.
  • Monthly Reach: While posting a job on our website is great, directly listing your job to 40,000+ of our members is even better, and yields higher results. This subscription option pushes your ad out directly to 40,000+ members each month.
  • Monthly Growth: The best way to reach our members is to have your company featured in a special way by Women Who Code. This can be a tweet to our 95,000+ followers, a featured logo sponsor placement, or a featured blog. Monthly Growth subscription also includes a job post on our website and us directly listing your posting to 40,000+ members in our newsletter.

What type of jobs can I post on the WWCode Job Board?

Our members are predominantly engineers and people who participate in different parts of the development process: product, data science, analytics, security, dev ops, etc. You will yield better results when you post jobs that meet our member's career demographics.

We reserve the right to edit job posts in order to make them better match the Women Who Code community. When changes are made we will do our best to update customers in a timely manner. Read our Terms of Service.

It says I can either submit my email address or an external job URL. What is the difference?

There are 2 options when posting on the job board. The first allows applicants to directly email you about the job you posted. The second option is for you to list your external job URL, and for applicants to apply directly through that.

If I choose to use an external URL what page should I link to?

Please include a link to the initial application process for the position. We discourage you from posting a link to a longer job description as our research has shown that when someone clicks the apply url button they are ready to begin applying for the job. Linking to a longer job description can make your post repetitive and cause people to abandon the application process.

Job Post Form
Job Post Form

Can I set the start date for the website post?

No. Your job post will appear on the Women Who Code website as soon as it is submitted and approved.

What is the recommended scheduling?

We find that staggering multiple job posts over the course of days or weeks is the most effective way to communicate your brand, and employment needs to the Women Who Code community.

How does the Monthly Growth special featured placement process work?

Women Who Code has several ways that your company can be specially featured in our community. This includes a featured logo placement in our Newsletter, a post to our 95,000+ Twitter followers, or a featured blog on the Women Who Code website.

Can Women Who Code change the content of my job post?

Yes. We reserve the right to edit and/or change any job posts at any time. This is to ensure your job posts reflect our mission and vision. Please look at our Terms of Service.

When will my job be removed?

Your job will expire after one month. At that time any links (in emails, on other sites etc) will lead to a 404 error, page not found. The Reach and Growth plans are Partner Subscription options that renew automatically each month, and can be cancelled at any time.

Do you track clicks on the apply URL?


Why Do I Only Have a Small Space to Describe my Open Position?

Research has found that employers that put in too many requirements risk losing qualified applicants that might otherwise be able to learn the necessary skills on the job.

Can I change the content of my job post?

Yes. There is a link to edit the content of your job post in the receipt that is emailed to you.

Can I search a job by location?

Yes! Similarly, if you are looking for a work from home possibility, simply type 'remote' in the search bar.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime, just email us with the request at and we'll do it for you.

Can I get a refund?

No. It is not possible to downgrade, or receive a refund for a job post of any sort once it has been submitted. Thank you for supporting Women Who Code.

Can I get an upgrade?

Email us at to and tell us what you want, we will try to satisfy your needs.

Can I create multiple jobs posts in one session?

No. Currently you can only create one job at a time in our system. However you can post multiple jobs for different dates by creating a new listing each time.

I have a benefit for my job post that is not listed?

Contact us,

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