Jobs FAQ

General Job Board Questions

What are the benefits of using the WWCode Job Board? 

The WWCode job board allows your company to engage directly with our community of over 100,000 tech professionals. Our Job Board is designed to connect you with our members by focusing on what is most important (stack, job benefits, etc.) and allowing our members to explore opportunities even when not actively seeking employment. The WWCode job board is ideal for companies who are seeking to connect with diverse and talented engineers.

What type of jobs can I post on the WWCode Job Board?

Our members are predominantly engineers and people who participate in different parts of the development process: product, data science, analytics, security, dev ops, etc. Companies yield better results when posting jobs that meet our member's career demographics.

Do you track clicks on the "Apply Now" URL? 

Yes. Please email companies@womenwhocode if you would like to see analytics data for your posting.

Can I get a refund? 

Women Who Code does not give refunds for any job posts or subscriptions (please see our Terms of Service).

I forgot my password. 

Please go to here and click "Forgot Password?" to reset your password.

More questions? 

Contact us here

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Please see our here for our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Job Board How-To

How do I post a job? 

The first step is to purchase job credits by choosing a one-time website post or one of our monthly subscription plans on our Companies Page. If you’ve already purchased a website post or subscription, simply go to your dashboard and click “Post a Job.”

Why do I only have a 141 characters to describe my position? 

Research has found that employers who include too many requirements risk losing qualified applicants that might otherwise be able to learn the necessary skills on the job. We reserve the right to edit job posts in order to make them better match the Women Who Code community (for more information, please see our Terms of Service).

If I choose to use a job application link what page should I link to? 

Please include a link to the initial application process for the position. We discourage you from posting a link to a longer job description as our research has shown that when someone clicks the "Apply Now" button, they are ready to begin applying for the job. 

Linking to a longer job description can make your post repetitive and cause people to abandon the application process. 

Can I change the content of my job post? 

Yes. Visit your dashboard at any time to edit your job postings.

I have a benefit (e.g. medical insurance, maternity leave, tuition, etc.) for my job post that is not listed? 

Please contact us


What are the different plan options that are available for posting a job?

  • Website Post: One job post published on the Women Who Code job board for 30 days.
  • Monthly Reach Subscription: One Job Post on our website each month and one Job Boost to our community each month. Job Boosts help to increase your reach by promoting your job 40,000+ members. (Curious what a Job Boost is? Check out the next question!)
  • Monthly Growth Subscription: 4 Job Posts on our website each month and 4 Job Boosts to our community each month. 
  • Custom Plan: We'll work with you to create a custom plan that meets your recruiting and branding needs. To get started, please email

What is a Job Boost?

A Job Boost is our way of helping generate more interest in your job post by promoting it to 40,000+ members. Job Boosts include posts in our Code Review Newsletter and tweets on the Women Who Code twitter page. 

Do I need to do anything for my Job Boost?

Sit back and relax, we'll schedule it for you. 

I have job credits but am not looking to hire right now. Can I save them for later? 

Absolutely! Job credits and Job Boosts can be used at any time, they do not expire.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime by emailing us at