Women Who Code Careers


Advocacy Communications Specialist

WWCode believes that you can’t focus on your career if you don’t feel safe and seen in your everyday life and is building its advocacy voice to speak up for people underrepresented and marginalized in tech. We’re looking for a communications specialist who understands advocacy, is well-versed in DEI, and knows how to create visual, on brand, engaging content for a large audience with a global footprint. They follow discussion trends and research nuances around key issues. They know that they can’t possibly hold all perspectives, but hold themselves accountable for building understanding and working with empathy. The Advocacy Communications Specialist is expected to be a strategic thinker with meticulous attention to detail, working well under pressure and meeting deadlines. Read full job description and apply here

We believe that a team dedicated to making our industry better should reflect the diversity within it. We take our Code of Conduct seriously, and encourage people of underrepresented or marginalized groups to apply.

Please email hiring@womenwhocode.com if you have any questions.