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SSDC 2021 x Women Who Code Seoul — November 18, 2021

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Written by WWCode SeoulJanuary 3, 2022

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On Thursday, November 18, 2021, Women Who Code Seoul held a community session in partnership with Samsung Software Developer Conference 2021. This recap will cover the proceedings of our session at the event.

Women Who Code Seoul has been participating in this event for two years in a row under the mission to inspire the career development of women in technology. This year, Samsung’s annual conference, SOSCON (Samsung Open Source Conference), was extended to cover all the areas of software in addition to open-source software with the new name of “Samsung Software Developer Conference.”

Due to COVID-19, the communities came together virtually this time and we used Gather. town, a location-based video conferencing tool. Hwayoung Yoon from Women Who Code Seoul created a map for Women Who Code in Thanks to her effort, we could bring engagement to the virtual space. Don’t miss out on experiencing our space here!

Women Who Code Seoul’s community session was from 2 to 4 pm (Korea Standard Time), starting with the community leaders’ presentations and concluding with “AMA” office hours. With the moderation of Seulki Park, leaders gave three talks on exciting topics based on their various technical experiences and know-how.

The session was kicked off with Gain Choi’s “Introduction to Women Who Code Seoul.” Gain introduced what activities have been carried out by Women Who Code as an international non-profit organization and then talked about the importance of gender balance in tech.

Following Gain’s talk, Sujin Lee gave a talk about “Programming for Everybody.” Sujin shared her experience and takeaways of becoming a PM who finds joy in coding without a technical background. As a person who challenged herself to be a woman in Tech, She highlighted that it was a time to motivate everyone to code for fun and break some stereotypes about coding, such as “Programmers are born, not made.” and “Coding is only for developers.”

Nayeon Shin, the last speaker, delivered a presentation titled “Building Your Personal Brand as an International Candidate.” Based on the interview with a recruiter from Figma about the hiring process, Nayeon demystified the strategies of leveraging LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform, to expand network, build a career, and give an elevator pitch that can impress recruiters for overseas jobs.

After all three presentations were wrapped up around 3 pm, Women Who Code Seoul began the office hours. Under the theme of AMA (Ask Me Anything), attendees engaged and communicated with the organizers and members from Women Who Code Seoul. We had a Q&A time where Women Who Code Seoul members and attendees shared personal experiences as engineers, data scientists, PMs, designers, and marketers.

While the talk and office hours were well underway, an online post-it board for #ApplaudHer, Women Who Code’s tradition of highlighting our members’ achievements, was also arranged at the corner of the map. As a result, many people shared their challenges and accomplishments, and community members had time to cheer up, praise, and empower each other.

If you’re curious about the #ApplaudHer board, click the link below to take a look:


여러분의 #ApplaudHer을 남겨주세요. 자신의 성취나 도전을 공유하고, 서로를 응원해주세요! 우측 하단 + 버튼을 눌러서 작성 가능합니다.

After SSDC 2021, Women Who Code organizers looked back on this event and ran a retrospective on what could have been better.

Those who attended the retro left positive comments such as “I could see the talents of us from lots of aspects” and “Everyone actively participated, and we learned a lot from each other.” We also shared some better ways to organize events.

Samsung Software Developer Conference 2021 x Women Who Code Seoul was a precious opportunity for Women Who Code Seoul members to get together online after a while. I want to conclude this article by thanking the leaders who made all of this possible.

Contributors to this event (in alphabetical order):

Bora Lee
Gain Choi
Hwayoung Yoon
Nayeon Shin
Olivia Ha
Seulki Park
Soojung Kim
Sujin Lee
Yujin Jung


Women Who Code is an international non-profit organization that inspires women in tech and helps them grow together. We strive for a world where more women worldwide become leaders, executives, and investors in technology. Women Who Code has held more than 8,000 events globally, and we have more than 180k members from more than 20 countries.

Women Who Code Seoul is a community of 2,000 members in Korea based on the Facebook group and page. We grow together by organizing events and sharing information for women in tech.

If you want to help the Women Who Code’s Global community, please refer to “Supporting Women Who Code.” (More information is on the official website,

If you want to help or collaborate with Women Who Code Seoul, please contact us through the Facebook group or the email below.

Women Who Code Seoul’s Facebook page:

Women Who Code Seoul’s Facebook group:

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People who helped write this article:

Authors: Hwayoung Yoon, Seulki Park
Translator: Nayeon Shin
Translation Reviewer: Olivia Ha
Publishers: Soojung Kim, Hwayoung Yoon map builder: Hwayoung Yoon
Copy editors: Everyone

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