Gratitude & Celebration!

Gratitude & Celebration!

Written by WWCode HQ

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This week, we celebrate Women Who Code's 4th anniversary! In just four short years, we've grown from 5,000 members to serving now 100,000 members, worldwide. We’ve produced 6,000 free technical workshops, hackathons, conferences, and events, and have empowered tens of thousands of technologists in 20 countries to level up in every possible way. We have also created a platform that is hacking bias and partner with companies committed to our mission and this work. Over 800 companies have partnered with us, recruiting top talent, creating internal pathways to leadership, building community and so much more. Women Who Code is a movement for change and we couldn't do this work without you.

We're dedicated to our mission with passion, positivity, and impact because that is what we believe it takes to change this industry, one member, one ally, one community at a time. We fight daily to raise the profile of our incredibly talented members, helping to reshape outdated narratives and to show the world the next generation of role models in technology and beyond. Role models like members, listed here. 

Women Who Code is now a part of something bigger than ourselves and it is our greatest honor to work with our Network Leaders, partners and members like you who support our vision of a world where women are proportionally representative as executives, technical leaders, investors, board members, and of course software engineers. Thank you for being a part of our community. We so appreciate you!