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This is a collection of all of the #ApplaudHer's that were collected and published in the CODE Review over the course of 2017. Here you will find tales of women who found new jobs, earned promotions, started businesses, and were asked to participate in prestigious industry events. We hope you enjoy and take inspiration from these stories.

Eunice Obugye has been leading the JAVA Programming Workshops for WWCode Accra.
WWCode Kuala Lumpur Director JecelynYeen has been promoted to Google Developer Expert.
WWCode DC Ruby on Rails lead Zuri Hunter was featured on Code With Veniin an article about her hackathon experiences.
Sílvia Mur, who has helped launch WWCode Barcelona, has joined Barcelona-based startup Typeform as a Senior front-end dev.
WWCode SV member April Wensel, Founder of Compassionate Coding, traveled to Stockholm to speak at the TechDays Sweden conference.
Ida Heathcote-Fumador has assisted WWCode Accra with the creation of flyers and scouting venues for event locations.
WWCode Hong Kong member Joyz Ng became the first woman in Hong Kong to participate in the Software Testing World Cup (Asia division).
WWCode LA member Emily Lam spoke at the first annual Alexa Conference at Vanderbilt University.
Riana Shah of WWCode SV was promoted to Senior Associate, Business Analyst at the Advisory Board Company.
Chandreyi Saha of WWCode London launched an edtech chapter for Skyline.
Billimarie Lubiano Robinson of WWCode Philadelphia is now the co-founder and Director of Legal Tech & Design at CLASP (Community Legal & Advocacy Services Project).
Patience Teiko-Tetteh has been helping to source locally made T-shirts and plan events for WWCode Accra.
WWCode ATL Network Director Erica Stanley Erica Stanley accepted a job as an engineering manager with SalesLoft.
Elise Schultz of WWCode Huntsville is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of WxIntegrations, a weather analytics, women owned start-up.
WWCode Delhi Director Jigyasa Grover has been nominated as a finalist for the Red Hat Women in Open Source Academic Awards. Vote here!
WWCode SF Director Georgia Andrews joined women-founded RideAlong as Director of Engineering.
Holly Peck, Reetu Mutti, Zoe Alexandre, and Elgin-Skye McLaren launched the WWCode Vancouver Network.
Judith Agbotse of WWCode Accra worked with sponsors to secure venues and helped with the implementation of several Network events.
Chloe Acheampong led a Python Labs Session for WWCode Accra which was the back drop of a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Live Session Event.
WWCode UK Expansion Director Sheree Atcheson spoke at the World Economic Forum about the Knowledge Economy and Cities as Hubs of Innovation.
Luisa Morales of WWCode NYC was interviewed on Learn To Code With Me.
Nadia Bajwa of WWCode Chicago was featured in an article by Cosmopolitan entitled "What No One Tells You About Working in Tech as a Woman"
Grisel Ancona of WWCode Merida launched her first project as a project manager.
An article written by Mavi Jimenez of WWCode Barcelona inspired one of Spain's largest mobile apps (Wallapop) to offer 200,000 euros in scholarships for women.
Sarah Masud of WWCode Bangalore gave a talk on open source licenses at FOSSMEET 2017 at NIT Calicut.
WWCode Accra Director Afia Owusu-Forfie has secured venues, run workshops, and raised 11 leaders in support of the first Women Who Codenetwork in Sub-Saharan Africa.
WWCode London Director Gen Ashley was invited to be on two panels and to give the closing keynote at Accenture's Girls in Stem 2017 event.
Kerry Dougherty of WWCode NYC accepted her first full-time developer position as a Software Engineer at Credibility Capital.
WWCode NYC Member Jenise Araujo started her first engineering job as an Associate Software Engineer with Priceline.com
WWCode London Lead Claire Tran won the annual award at the Gumtree UK's yearly summit for the category "Extra Mile" for creating a great work environment.
WWCode SF member Elyse Kolker Gordon is writing a book for Manning Publishing on Isomorphic Development with JavaScript.
Dainelle Gaither of WWCode Dallas joined the board of directors for Techmill Denton a non-profit dedicated to educating and supporting tech talent.
Marie Line Georges of WWCode Paris built the KAMPORI platform with no previous IT experience.
WWcode Recife Director Karina Machado, is invited to pitch WWcode at the Microsoft Imagine Cup Roadshow
Yin Yee Kan of WWCode London wrote her first API and was triumphant in the Lady Problems hackathon.
Sher Minn Chong spoke at a WWCode Singapore web dev speaker series and facilitated a hands on UI workshop.
Sara Powell of WWCode Cincinnati started a new Software Developer Job.
April Wensel of WWCode SV spoke at Mobile + Web Dev Con in San Francisco on March 3 about how developers can build compassion through user tests.
WWCode Bristol, UK member Kirsty Williams and her startup DashHound has been selected to participate in the 2017 Sephora Accelerate cohort.
WWCode Singapore member & Network Evangelist Amanda Lim accepted a new job with Deloitte as a Technology Consultant.
WWCode NYC Director Shanna Gregory is speaking at the 13th Annual Women's Leadership Conference.
Namita Vyas of WWCode Bangalore is speaking at TASCON 2017.
WWCode Raleigh Durham Director Ashley Massengill is beginning a new job as a Junior Front End Developer.
Khushbu Parakh of WWCode Bangalore was selected to be a speaker at Djangocon, Pycon Italy.
Amanda Grossmann of WWCode Cincinnati started a new job as an Analytics Engineer.
Emilie Hsieh of WWCode NYC won first place in the Lady Problems NYC Hackathon for building a Slackbot to track and manage gender bias.
Marissa Swanson of WWCode ATL developed and tested an MVP for TOSS, a personal styling application.
Khushbu Parakh of WWCode Bangalore was the recipient of the Pass-It-On Awards project by the Anita Borg Organization.
Anita Mooshuber of WWCode Munchen has been a driving force in Customer Engagement for Evora IT Solutions.
WWCode NYC Director Elizabeth Ferrao pitched XapiX, the Github for APIs, at Techcrunch.
Nathalie Christmann-Cooper of WWCode London took a rails bootcamp course in the summer to learn RoR and just soft launched the in-house developed TreatOut web app.
WWCode London Director Gen Ashley gave a talk at the recent Global Digital Leaders Summit in Berlin.
Yue Lin Choong of WWCode Singapore was a recipient of Google's Women Techmakers Scholars Program for Asia Pacific 2017.
Chloe Condon of WWCode SF has received over 40k views on her article "What It's Like to Be a Woman at a Tech Conference"
Richa Khandelwal of WWCode Portland was recently promoted into the role of Software Engineering Manager at Nike!
WWCode Stamford member Omika Suryawanshi's nonprofit, Leap Into Texhnology, has hit enrollment of over 500 middle school girls.
Isis Tejada of Dallas/Ft. Worth received her first full time developer role after completing a bootcamp through the Flatiron school.
Kimberly Grommes of WWCode Portland is now a Senior Software Engineer at Nike!
Berta Devant of WWCode Barcelona started a job as a iOS Craftswoman at Novoda in their Barcelona offices.
Asabea Asare-Mintah has been a phenomenal Evangelist for WWCodeAccra.
Jessica Bell of WWCode DC launched her new podcast about the lives, passions and narratives of technical workers in the DC Metro Area.
Anthonia Carter of WWCode Birmingham was awarded a Fulbright grant to pursue a Masters degree in Multidisciplinary Innovation.
Elizabeth Heinlein of WWCode Portland has recently joined New Relic as a Software Engineer.
WWCode Belfast Lead Heather Campbell recently organised a Machine Learning event for National Coding Week.
Suzie Squier of WWCode DC has been hired as Executive Director of the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC) - houses the Retail ISAC.
WWCode Vancouver director Holly Peck started an internship at Kindred.ai as an Experimental Scientist.
WWCode Portland Community Lead Keeley Hammond published her first npm module for geojson.
Allie Brandenburger of WWCode DC is co-founder of TheBridge - a network of political & tech professionals working to connect the Bay Area and DC.
WWCode Delhi Director Abi Aryan was invited to speak at E-Summit 2017.
Irene Zhao of WWCode ATL accepted an offer from Insiten as Software Engineer.
Morgan Senkal of WWCode Portland has been promoted to Software Architect at Metal Toad.
WWCode Chicago lead Prajakta Pardeshi accepted a machine learning internship at Siemens Chicago.
Bharati Sethiya of WWCode Toronto hosted the "Introduction to Android App Development" workshop for the Network.
Dr. África Periáñez of WWCode Tokyo was a keynote speaker at the Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit in Shanghai.
Cath Jones of WWCode Sydney founded Elixir Girls, which fosters diversity in tech by facilitating workshops to help women further their understanding of Elixir and Phoenix.
WWCode Recife Director Andreza Leite, presented a paper, for a Latin America conference on Women in Computing (Córdoba-Argentina).
WWCode Chicago director Saumya Pandey was promoted within 13 months at Infor.
Mavi Jimenez of WWCode Barcelona started a new job as a senior developer for HolaLuz, a female founded startup.
Genny Centeno of WWCode Mérida participated as a mentor at Hackatour @ Yucatán 2017.
WWCode Accounting and Compliance Manager Brittani Smalls helped create an app to allow people with disabilities to use public transportation better.
WWCode LA member Ya-Mia Dawson started a Consulting firm (YQD Consulting) in Northridge, CA.
WWCode NYC member Meg Adams accepted the role of Engineering Manager for Glamour Magazine with the Condé Nast group.
Wai-Yin Kwan of WWCode Atlanta is leading a 5-part series to guide female coders to create a web app. CodingForProduct.com.
Asabea Asare-Mintah has been a phenomenal Evangelist for WWCodeAccra.
CEO & Founder of Incubsence and WWCode Delhi member Diksha Deo, incorporated her new venture based on IoT solutions and products.
WWCode DC member Mandy Moore was featured in an article in Glamour Magazine.
Helena Ford of WWCode Bristol and her company DashHound, has been selected to participate in Wales' first National Tech Accelerator - Digital Dozen.
WWCode Belfast Network Director Claire Burn spoke at Europe's leading Cyber security conference, OWASP's AppSecEU.
Marie Filbey of WWCode ATL was hired by SOLTECH, Inc. as an Interface Engineer.
WWCode Tokyo member Kristen Huber accepted her first engineering job with Rakuten.
Michelle Glauser of WWCode SF founded a startup that works with tech companies to provide free tech training and job placement to low-income women and non-binary locals.
WWCode Singapore member Hui Jing Chen is leading the SingaporeCSS meetup group & will be speaking at Webconf.asia.
Paula G led a very successful ClojureBridge event for WWCode DC.
Aleksandra Gavrilovska of WWCode Berlin became an Engineering Manager at SoundCloud.
Natalie Monger of WWCode LA was hired to develop a project for Google Summer of Code's Liquid Galaxy organization where she will develop a new interface for Google Earth.
Teresa Chu has been leading workshops on Test Driven Development for WWCode Toronto.
WWCode NYC member Luisa Morales joined FrontApp as a Software Engineer in SF.
Mariatta Wijaya of WWCode Vancouver became a Python Core Developer and spoke at PyCon US.
Emily Stamey of WWCode Raleigh-Durham spoke at OSCON.
WWCode London member Maria Stylianou accepted a job with Honeycomb.tv as a Software Engineer.
WWCodeTampa Director Sarrah Vesselov is now UX Lead for @gitlab.
Eve Porcello of WWCode Reno/Tahoeco-authored a new O'Reilly bookcalled Learning React: Functional Web Development with React and Redux.
WWCode Dallas member, Christine Cepelak, was selected as an 'Analytics for Impact' Fellow at the Divergence Data Science Academy.
WWCode Atlanta member Briana McLennon accepted a job with MailChimp as a Customer Support Technician.
Grisel Ancona of WWCode Merida gave a talk at Dev Day 4 Women at Mexico City about how to lead a team without masculinizing yourself.
Silvia Pérez of WWCode Barcelona accepted a position as a Sys Dev Ops engineer at AppiumHub.
Erin Allard of WWCode Silicon Valley was hired as a Techtonica instructor for women and non-binary adults with low incomes.
Rebecca Qu just joined WWCode Toronto as a new Lead! She will be crafting some awesome Ruby events.
Aisha Flores of WWCode ATL created and guided a STEAM Summer camp for girls aged 7-12 at Sam Flax.
Maria Stylianou of WWCode London accepted a job with Honeycomb.tv as a Software Engineer.
Loi Cheng of WWCode NYC won first place with Women Who Code + Angelhack Manhattan for the creation of the project, Engendered.
WWCode DC member Kelsey Kerr released her mobile app, Nearby, to the App Store & Play Store.
Teresa Chu of WWCode Torontostarted working at Kijiji (a part of eBay).
WWCode London Member Virginia Dooley and WWCode NYC member Margaret Dawson raised 89% of crowdfunding for 'The Rise' with two days left.

Crystal Aya of WWCode Birmingham is the new Front-end Developer for Ticket Biscuit.

WWCode Bristol director Rabeb Othmani accepted a job with Nexmo as developer advocate.

Sofia Quintal, Milca Sánchez and María Fernanda Pérez of WWCode Mérida won first place in the junior category of the robotics competition "Andromie Challenge"
Jelissa Thomas of WWCode Raleigh-Durham obtained a job at BB&T working as a User Interface Designer.
Berta Devant of WWCode Barcelona released her first app to the appstore with Inclusive Digital.
WWCode Singapore Director Purnima Kamath is a panel speaker at Coding Girl's Day!
Medalis Trelles of WWCode Palo Alto scored her first software engineer role with Revature in DC.
Poonam Mishra of WWCode Delhi started working at DuckDuckGo.
Sarah Kami of WWCode Berlin joined akquinet UX as a UX Consultant.

Erica Jones of WWCode Cleveland was recently promoted as the Strategic Director of Technology for Kforce.

WWCode Philly member Billimarie Lubiano Robinson accepted a job with Message Agency as a Front-End Developer.
WWCode UK Expansion Director Sheree Atcheson was in the running for the most influential woman in UK tech award.
WWCode Singapore member Olga Kuzmina got a job working with INSEAD as a research associate.
Nithya Pari of WWCode SV is volunteering as a Google Summer of Code Administrator with the Anita Borg Institute.
WWCode Twin Cities member Lauren Beatty accepted a job with ITM / TwentyFirst as a Software Engineer.
Ella Gorevalov is joining WWCode Toronto as an evangelist.
Angel Banks is the newest Director of WWCode Atlanta.
WWCode Sacramento member Brittainy Barnes accepted a job with WSP USA as an IT Security Analyst, working on the California High-Speed Rail project.
Stephanie Nguyen of WWCode Toronto was promoted to Design Team Lead at Shutterstock
WWCode SF member Melissa Fabros was awarded CrowdFlower's AI for Everyone grant to label the most diverse facial image data set for Kiva.org.
WWCode Recife Lead Simone Amorim is speaking at the CSSDay Event, about CSS Grid Layout.
Andrea Roche of WWCode Raleigh-Durham career changed from the field of social services and recently joined SAS as a Web Developer.
Brooklyn Bevans of WWCode D.C.accepted a position with Booz Allen Hamilton as a Security Assessment and Authorization Penetration Tester.
K.S.Divya Kumari of WWCode Delhi built a chocolate webstore using newly learned Html, Css, Javascript and Jquery.
WWCode Chicago member, Jen Henderson, stepped up as the newest lead for the Chicago network.
Natalia Clementi of WWCode DC gave a talk at SciPy Conference in Austin TX.
WWCode Seattle member Sara Jade accepted a Software Development apprenticeship with Microsoft via Apprenti.

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