WW<CODE> Maker Bytes

WW<CODE> Maker Bytes

Written by WWCode Core Team

Maker Bytes

Issue 50 – A Retrospective

We've spent the past year building features for the Women Who Code community and we want to highlight that work with our stakeholders, you! THANK YOU to our contributors for dedicating your valuable time to help us build software that makes a place where women can excel.

You can follow all of our work on github. Below are a few snippets of our awesome features.

A Look Back

General Look of womenwhocode.com

maker bytes year review 2016 - 1a
Early 2016 Home Page

maker bytes year review 2016 - 1b
Current Home Page

maker bytes year review 2016 - 5a
Early 2016 About Us Page

maker bytes year review 2016 - 5b
Current Page

Early 2016 Networks Page

Current Networks Page

Early 2016 Blog

Current Blog

We’ve made significant updates to the general look and feel of womenwhocode.com to meet accessbility standards and created standard UI templating across each page of womenwhocode.com.

Top Navigation Bar

maker bytes year review 2016 - 2b
Original Top Navigation Bar

maker bytes year review 2016 - 2a
Updated Top Navigation Bar

Our Top Navigation now incorporate access to our user dashboard and our leadership dashboard. We are paving the way for exciting features coming up this year which will be accessible via our top navigation.


maker bytes year review 2016 - 3b
Original Footer

maker bytes year review 2016 - 3a
Updated Footer

In 2015 our bottom navigation options were somewhat limited. Over the past year we’ve improved the structure by including least that are members, customer and leadership team most frequently requested.


maker bytes year review 2016 - 4a

Early on in 2016 DC Network members and leaders envisioned and built a resource page to share with our community. It’s still a work and progress and will eventually fully replace our github resources guide which the community contributes to reguarly. Soon, this feature will become the main tool to submit resources to.

The Job Board

maker bytes year review 2016 - 6a

Making Women Who Code a sustainable non profile has been major focus for 2016 and will continue to be in 2017. One of the ways we are being sustainable is by creating products around how our members engage with us and how companies engage with us. One of those features is the job board.

We built an experience that helps companies to employ better, more diverse hiring practices, while paying attention to the specific needs of our members.

The original concept was an interface that allowed companies to post jobs, and users to view those jobs, in a quick and efficient manner that catered to the needs of engineers. From there we built out the product, adding automated periodic emails through Mailchimp and Mandrill, the use of promo codes and coupons, the ability to edit jobs, and job search functionality. We also implemented a user dashboard that makes it easier for customers to edit, renew, and control their purchases.

Our latest work has been implementing subscription plans that renew on a monthly basis.

Network Page Local Jobs

maker bytes year review 2016 - 7b

We’ve also made it possible for jobs with locations to show up automatically on relevant Network pages.

Beyond User Facing Features

To achieve a lot of this, we spent time adjusting our contributor guidelines and improved our continues delivery tooling to make it simpler for contributors to commit to our code base. We also improved our logging, devops tooling and improved basic performance problems.

We’ve come a long way and have a long way to go! We are especially excited to focus 2017 on building features with a modular design approach to bring important features to our members more quickly.

Applauds from 2016!

Released This Week

During this week's sprint we resolved some issues around code conventions, and the way that jobs credits work with plans. We also deployed subscription renewal functionality and we added an email notification that will be sent to customers whenever a subscription is renewed.

Now we have a CONTRIBUTING to more accurately communicate our guidelines and workflow.

pulse 1-2-17

Our Website

Our repo is private, yet running under an open source license. Instead of pointing to issues and PRs, we are including a screenshot of what our weekly pulse looks like.

Existing website contributors, please check out our pulse!

Potential website contributors, please email core-team@womenwhocode.com with your github username to get started. It's built in Ruby on Rails + React + Postgresql.

In The Works

Over the next week we'll be working on resolving various small issues with the new features just implemented, and we will continue to refine the job board scheduling process.

In other news
Talk to us

Any ideas about existing features, new features, getting involved as a contributor, please share it in this FORM and/or watch our repos on Github.

To submit feedback, comments or questions email core-team@womenwhocode.com, we would love to hear from you.