WW<CODE> Maker Bytes

WW<CODE> Maker Bytes

Written by WWCode Core Team

Maker Bytes

Issue 18

We are building pretty amazing features and we want to highlight that work with our stakeholders, you! THANK YOU to our contributors for dedicating some of their free time to making tech a place where women can excel.

You can follow all of our work on github. Below are a few snippets of our awesome features.

This Week

We started to have weekly sprints so we all have a better idea of where the week is headed. It's been pretty awesome! Thanks for your patience with these new sprint milestones.

Our Website

Our repo is private, yet running under an open source license. Instead of pointing to issues and PRs, we are going to include a screenshot of what our pulse looks like.

Existing website contributors, please check out our pulse!

Potential website contributors, please email core-team@womenwhocode.com with your github username to get started. It's built in Ruby on Rails.


This week's sprint focused on changes to the About Page, Job Board, Network Events and database changes.


In The Works

Our own job board!
Pretty soon, we are going to be able to view companies who are hiring, see what benefits they offer and compare. See our mocks!


Our Android App (currently a Prototype)

Check out the DEMO Prototype!

In The Works

We are working on design for many of our app flows. In the meantime, there are issues to work on that are less design dependent. We welcome PR submissions for these issues!

In other news
Talk to us

Any ideas about existing features, new features, getting involved as a contributor, please share it in this FORM and/or watch our repos on Github.

To submit feedback, comments or questions email core-team@womenwhocode.com, we would love to hear from you.