World Introvert Day

World Introvert Day

Written by Shermaine Ang


I used to take the MBTI test every few years and started noticing that I was becoming more of an introvert each time I took the test. Of course, it was quite obvious as well in terms of the way I was behaving. Initially, I felt a need to become more extroverted again, as I often found myself sitting alone in my seat while my other peers would be gathering together in a corner of the classroom. I would force myself to get out of my seat to join the crowd, but did I really enjoy being in the crowd? I was not too sure. I wanted to fit in, but at the same time, it felt really draining for me, and always ended up being quiet, even when I was with the group. 

Over time, I started embracing who I truly am and decided to just stay at my seat instead of forcing myself to be where the crowd is. Being alone is not a bad thing. I got to observe my peers and notice the things I would not have if I were in a group. I started becoming more aware of my surroundings and would often find many others who were similar to me. Sitting alone in their seats, doing what they enjoy. 

You might start to wonder, what exactly does being an introvert mean? Does it mean that I just enjoy being alone all the time and doing things on my own? Well, to me, being an introvert means that I feel more comfortable focusing on my own thoughts. I would rather spend time on my own, listening to my thoughts, than be involved in things happening externally. This means that I would often observe what is happening around me, and generate my own thoughts about them, but that does not mean I would get involved with the happenings around me. Being an introvert is not always about being alone. I really enjoy being with people, just one or two at a time, though. 

Being an introvert has enabled me to better understand the people around me. I often find myself noticing that others are upset or not in their best state. This was something I felt was lacking in me when I was younger. I vividly remember my roommate telling me that she was crying in bed (she was sleeping opposite me), and even though I was still not asleep, I did not even notice that she was upset. However, over time, as I started enjoying focusing on my inner thoughts, I began noticing more of such happenings. It had allowed me to make stronger and closer connections with others, as I was able to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on or just a listening ear when others require them the most. 

So, how do I feel about being an introvert? I love it. I acknowledge who I am. I am an introvert. I enjoy focusing on my inner thoughts, spending time with a small group, and listening to others talk. I might not be the most expressive person, but I am always listening when others are talking, and generating my own thoughts. Being an introvert is not something you should shy away from. Embrace who you truly are, and enjoy every moment of being an introvert.