Women Who Code Launches Twin Cities Network

Women Who Code Launches Twin Cities Network

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The Minneapolis / St Paul Branch of the International 501c3 Dedicated to Helping Women Succeed In the Tech Industry Will Hold Its First Event On September 2nd

SAN FRANCISCO – SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 — Women Who Code (WWCode), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women excel in technology careers, has announced the launch of their Twin Cities Network, based out of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. This newest branch of the international 501c3 already has 90 registered members, and they’ve scheduled their first four events, including an inaugural “Hack Night” which takes place tonight.

The Director of the Twin Cities Network is Sarah Olson, who expressed the importance of bringing WWCode to the region saying, “The Twin Cities offer a lot of technical careers due to the large number of corporations headquartered in our metro area. Unfortunately the events that Women Who Code promotes such as Hack Nights and study groups, aren’t currently being offered to women here. Giving female developers access to more technical resources will help them advance in their careers.”

She went on, expressing her goals for this new branch saying, “Research from the Harvard Business Review indicates that 41% of women in tech leave the field, while only 17% of men do. As a developer with sixteen years experience, I’m actually working with fewer women now than when I started. We need to do more to make sure women are able to advance in their careers by focusing on issues such as unconscious bias, and providing training opportunities for them to develop technical and leadership skills.”

“We’re excited about expanding to the Twin Cities, and I believe we can do a lot to help women in this area thrive in technical careers,” said Alaina Percival, the CEO of WWCode. “Sarah has a clear vision for the future of the network, and her leadership helps to further our mission to see women excel in the technology industry.”

About Women Who Code

Women Who Code (WWCode) is a non-profit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. The organization provides an avenue into tech, empowers women with skills needed for professional advancement, and creates environments where networking and mentorship are valued. To date, WWCode has produced more than 2,000 free technical events around the world, garnered a membership exceeding 30,000, and has a presence in 18 countries. Media Contact: press@womenwhocode.com