Women Who Code Blockchain Track Expanding to Emerging Technologies

Women Who Code Blockchain Track Expanding to Emerging Technologies

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Educational Community Focused on Blockchain Now to Encompass Other Cutting Edge Technologies Including AI, ML, and Data Security

ATLANTA – JULY 27TH, 2023 Women Who Code (WWCode), the world’s largest nonprofit dedicated to inspiring diverse women to excel in technology careers, is excited to announce that its Blockchain Track will evolve to become known as WWCode Emerging Technologies. This community will continue to explore distributed ledger technologies while expanding to include other topics on the edge of innovation, including AI, ML, and Data Security.

The Women Who Code Blockchain Track will officially become the Emerging Technologies Track on July 27th at their BlockDataPy Conference. The expanded space will allow for the community to discuss a broad range of topics on the cutting edge of technology while allowing the flexibility to incorporate new innovations and ideas into their educational programming. Blockchain will also continue to be a focus of this Track.

“Technology evolves so rapidly that there are always new technologies that are emerging, becoming established, and fading away,” said Shanna Gregory, Chief Program Officer at Women Who Code. “Rather than opening a succession of Tracks, this program will allow us to make our overall Track program more dynamic and able to adapt to the rapid pace of technological advancement.”

Women Who Code debuted their Track system in March of 2019 with communities dedicated to Blockchain, Python, Data Science, Mobile, Front End, and Cloud. A Career Navigation Track was added in 2021. Each community is led by a WWCode Leadership Track Fellow responsible for developing programming, leading events, and building a network of communication and support among their members.

“I’m really excited about this community as this is a big step towards being more inclusive towards creativity and innovation in technology. We are creating a space for inquisitive minds to navigate the unexplored paths of over 200 emerging tech stacks with like-minded individuals. The track is going to be about new ideas and inventions unbiased by information constraints available on the internet,” said Bhavya Batra, WWCode Blockchain Leadership Fellow. “Things are moving so fast, and we’re going to have to keep up, but that’s the exciting part about being in this Industry: There’s no box to creativity.”   

Women Who Code membership is free and offers access to events, coding resources, job opportunities, and a global community of technologists. Learn more about WWCode Emerging Technologies and join at https://www.womenwhocode.com/network/emerging-tech

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Women Who Code (WWCode) is an international nonprofit dedicated to empowering diverse women to excel in technology careers. WWCode is building a tech industry where diverse women and historically excluded people thrive at every level. The organization has executed more than 17,000 free events around the world, garnered a membership exceeding 343,000 in 147 countries. Help empower even more women to advance in tech with the training and community they need to succeed by supporting WWCode. Learn more at womenwhocode.com.