Women Who Code Announces New Board Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary

Women Who Code Announces New Board Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary

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In Historic Moment for the World’s Largest Women in Tech Community, New Leaders Step up to Support the Company’s Continued Evolution 

ATLANTA – FEBRUARY 6, 2023  —  Women Who Code (WWCode), the largest international nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering diverse women to excel in technology careers, is proud to announce that Jennifer Manry, Principal, Corporate Systems at Vanguard, has been named Board Chair of Women Who Code, Tara Hernandez, Vice President, R&D Developer Productivity, MongoDB, will be taking on the role of Board Vice-Chair, and Lily Chang, Vice President, Finance, Strategic Transformation, Products at VMware will be assuming the position of Secretary of the Board. The chair roles are the first non-founding members to hold these positions in an exciting step for the organization. 

The previous Board Chair was co-founder Alaina Percival, who will stay on as a board member and CEO of Women Who Code. Women Who Code’s first Board Vice-Chair, Zassmin Montes de Oca, is also a co-founder. Jennifer, Tara, and Lily taking on these leadership roles marks the next stage in the evolution of Women Who Code and promises the benefits of innovation and the new momentum they will bring to the company. 

“This is an exciting and important step in the development of Women Who Code and the growth of our ability to fulfill our mission,” said Alaina Percival. “These new board appointments will bring new leadership and perspectives to the organization, and allow us to continue growing our movement to empower diverse women to excel in technology careers.”  

Jennifer Manry is a passionate and innovative technology executive, with a distinct track record for delivering business impact through transformative technology and strategy. As the new Board chair, she brings a legacy of inclusive leadership spanning more than two decades.

“Fostering a more inclusive and diverse tech industry, rich in varying backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, is mission-critical to advancing technological innovation,” said Jennifer Manry. “I am honored and excited to accept this role and look forward to helping continue to advance Women Who Code’s mission to empower women to excel in technology.” 

Tara Hernandez was one of the original innovators of the modern Open Source movement while at Netscape in the 90s, helping create the Mozilla.org foundation. She has been featured in the documentaries Code Rush and Valley of the Boom, and/ today is a Vice President of Engineering at MongoDB. 

“Empowering women in technology isn’t just important. It’s about the future and how the world will look one day,” said Tara Hernandez. “Through this role, I want to empower diverse women and help Women Who Code make an even greater impact on companies in the industry. I know that we can make a profound difference, and it’s one we have to make.”

Lily Chang is a proven engineering & business leader that delivers business results commensurate with the best interest of customers, partners, and global teams. She is an engineering global cross cultural/functional leader experienced in collaboration; growing technology, innovations to main-street products; and scaling ecosystem for joint business success. 

About Women Who Code

Women Who Code (WWCode) is an international nonprofit that empowers diverse women to excel in technology careers. WWCode is building a world where diverse women and historically excluded people thrive at every level. The organization has executed more than 15,000 free events around the world, garnered a membership exceeding 320,000, and delivers programming to members in 147 countries.  Help empower even more women to advance in tech with the training and community they need to succeed by supporting WWCode. Learn more at womenwhocode.com