Thank You From Women Who Code

Thank You From Women Who Code

Written by WWCode HQ


Women Who Code's mission to promote diversity in tech is more important now than ever. However we can't do our work of advocating for a more fair and inclusive industry, creating free and low cost programming, engaging in leadership development, and making opportunities available to the community without a lot of assistance. We're incredibly grateful for all the support that we've been shown from so many sources, and in this post we want to look back at the past year, and acknowledge some of amazing things that have been done to help the Women Who Code Cause.


Our sponsors include both companies and individuals, and it's their contributions that help to keep us going. The following list includes some notable donors, however it also acknowledges the importance of the contributions that are made by 100's of generous individuals to Women Who Code each year.

Capital One – We'd like to particularly acknowledge their help getting WWCode Richmond launched.
VMware – They were particularly important in the launches of WWCode Sofia, Shanghai, and Beijing and have shown great support for WWCode Bangalore.
Y Combinator – Both their support and their guidance during the summer accelerator have been critical to the ongoing development of Women Who Code.
Mary Hamilton
Providence Digital Innovation Group
New Relic

Network Directors

We currently have over 500 members of Women Who Code who have taken on Director or Leadership roles in their local Networks. These are the people that plan events, lead workshops, arrange sponsorship opportunities, handle marketing, and facilitate the million tiny details that need to be handled to keep your Networks running. We are so grateful to all of the people that take on these responsibilities, and below we'd like to highlight a few that have been particularly active over the course of 2016.

Michele Matthews, Briana Crabb, Georgia Andrews, Elizabeth Ferrao, Erica Stanley, Sandra Persing, Saranya Karuppusamy, Gen Ashley, Carole Bennett, Pamela Wood Brown, Shirley Hicks, Sarah Olson, Holly Gibson, Sara Ines Calderon, Nupur Kapoor, Guiti Nabavi, Snehal Patil, Rose Theresa, Afia Owusu-Forfie, Judith Agbotse


These are people that have a strong following in the tech industry, and who have generously lent their voice to the Women Who Code cause, both informing people about our organization, and also contributing their wisdom and knowledge at various events that we've held throughout the year. Their assistance helps us to amplify the voice of WWCode so that we an reach a broader audience and have a greater impact on the world.

Regina Wallace-Jones: Head of Security Operations at Facebook

Shinjini Das: Author The Go-Getter Girl

Lily Chang: Vice President, Central Engineering, VMware

Women Who Code Radio

We'd also like to acknowledge Tara Hernandez for starting WWCode Radio, a podcast centered around diversity and inclusion in the high tech industry. It can be found on all major podcast apps.

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