February TechnologyGrit: Celebrate Every Day

February TechnologyGrit: Celebrate Every Day

Written by Mala Gupta


Monisha Mayor is an industry leader with over two decades of experience. She believes all the time invested in her career has brought her a richness of spirit and advancement of mindset. She has worked with top tier IT companies like Hughes, Aricent, Genband, and Agnity with her last stint at Nagarro as Director of Delivery.

When asked about the key achievements of her career, she shared, “I was fortunate to get the opportunity to work with the brightest minds which were very stimulating. The telecom industry was rightly set, and my career spanned through the Y2K bug, and dot.com boom, that catapulted into learnings across geographies.”

She added, “My biggest achievement was to inculcate the ability to listen to others and foster building teams that continue to transmit learnings to each other. An old quote from my team lead still guides me – if two people don't talk, two modules will never talk.”

She added, “Another important learning has been to recognize the spirit of connectedness over the divide. The goal has always been to strive and build homogeneous/cohesive teams. Good team camaraderie goes a long way.”

Monisha reflected, “I have learned that the best way for teams to deliver is to constantly skill up, brainstorm amongst themselves and own responsibility rather than to impose any specific strategy or style of work that one deems fit.”

On being asked about the challenges or failures in her career and how she overcame them, she shared, “Every setback has a purpose which yields something much later. Personally, I feel that all challenges open doors to newer opportunities. We only need to recognize and assimilate everything that surrounds it. To realize our inherent strengths and weaknesses, feedback is very important.” 

She added, “For me, it was never easy to take negative feedback. I remained in denial for the longest time and had to nurture myself to get out and learn how to turn the tide – the art to swing a negative into a positive.”

Her advice to other women is, “Never give up despite all odds and always turn inwards for a solution. Stay committed and work passionately on a day-to-day basis. It is my opinion that women are solution-oriented and possess great problem-solving capabilities. They are mentally strong and trained to hold multiple forts and great vehicles for growth. They act as bridges between office and home, and though it is not an instant task, it takes immense grit and perseverance. Together, women have the power to create an impact. Finally, make sure each day is a joyful experience and celebrate it.” 

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