Standing Strong with Colorado Springs

Standing Strong with Colorado Springs

Written by WWCode


Brave spaces where you find community and can exist in the fullness of your unique human expression need to hear and feel support in the wake of Saturday’s traumatic events. To those who lost loved ones and to our members who are deeply affected by this tragedy, we, at Women Who Code, join the world in sending light and love as you grieve each life lost.

The targeted attack at Club Q in Colorado Springs is a result of the continued discrimination against trans and queer people. Everyone should have a safe space to have fun, commune with others, and wholeheartedly be your authentic self. We condemn the devastating violence that took place. 

Women Who Code continues to create space for and amplify the voices of those most affected by violent rhetoric and hateful ideologies against the LGBTQIA+ community.

Image Sources: @elierlick on instagram, @CSPDPIO on twitter


Join us in advocating for change: 




  • Call for action from local, statewide and federal leaders/representatives.

  • Use social media to amplify LGBTQIA+ voices and stories.