Standing in Solidarity with the People of Israel

Standing in Solidarity with the People of Israel

Written by WWC Team


Women Who Code condemns the violence inflicted upon the people of Israel. We are devastated by the news of the heinous attacks on October 7, the ongoing violence, and the death of hundreds of innocent civilians, including many children. Though the history is complex, there is no justification for terrorism. 

We stand with the people of Israel and those of our community and team around the world who are most affected. We call on the international community to take action to condemn these attacks and to support efforts to protect and provide care for the most vulnerable.

We support the global Jewish community and those who have come together to mourn, remember lost lives, and stand in solidarity. Together, we honor the enduring spirit and the unbreakable bonds that hold these communities together.

We are committed to supporting our members and partners in the region during this uncertain time. We will continue to monitor the situation and urge our community to continue having open dialogue and to learn more about how to support those most affected.

Here are some specific actions our community may consider taking: 

  • Contact your representatives to speak out against ongoing violence and take part in unifying communities.
  • Support organizations providing humanitarian assistance.
  • Use reputable media sources to learn more, being mindful of the prevalence of misinformation. 

On behalf of the team at Women Who Code

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