My Journey as a Developer: 100 Days of Code Challenge

My Journey as a Developer: 100 Days of Code Challenge

Written by Arzu Caner

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Just over a year ago, I took a bold leap and transitioned into software development, embarking on a journey that would forever change my career. As I delved deeper into this exciting new chapter, I stumbled upon a thriving community on LinkedIn and eagerly became a part of it. However, the pinnacle of excitement came when I discovered the “Days of Code Challenge.” The prospect of this challenge ignited a fire within me for several compelling reasons.

Foremost, it presented an extraordinary opportunity to immerse myself in the world of new programming languages and frameworks. I seized the chance not just to acquire knowledge but to put it into practice by crafting innovative projects. Yet, perhaps the most profound aspect of this challenge was the chance it offered me to cultivate an unwavering daily coding discipline.

With unwavering determination, I set formidable goals. Starting with small, attainable daily objectives, I gradually became a coding aficionado, relentlessly coding every day for 100 days. Along this arduous yet rewarding journey, I diligently chronicled my daily progress on my social media platforms. I also actively participated in the inspiring Women Who Code community Slack channel, hoping to kindle the flames of ambition in fellow women pursuing careers in technology. My GitHub repository became a testament to my dedication, housing an exclusive section dedicated to the Days of Code Challenge, where I shared every project I tackled. My skills in Redux, Bootstrap 4, Alpine.js, Advanced React, Firebase, App UI Design, CSS Animation, and JavaScript blossomed throughout this challenge.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a developer is the discipline it instills in coding. I now script code daily, broadcasting my passion and progress through my GitHub account.

My dedication was rewarded with a prestigious badge after those intensive 100 days, forever etching this experience into the annals of my career as a memorable milestone. This journey has propelled my skills to new heights and affirmed my unwavering commitment to continuous growth and advancement.