Letter to My Younger Self: International Day of the Girl Child

Letter to My Younger Self: International Day of the Girl Child

Written by Cristina Roncal

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Dear 7 Year Old Self,

It is easy to write to you from this point of my life where everything is exciting and falling in place. You might know the path that you will choose will not always be easy. It will be hard sometimes. Believe me, you will go through it and achieve unthinkable goals.

You won’t believe me if I tell you that disassembling electronic devices because you wanted to know what was inside was okay, even though your mom did not like it. Being kind and naive is also okay. Why am I telling you this? It is those things, your curiosity and your big heart which will make you a smart and daring engineer who loves to discover and solve problems to help others. It will also drive you to share your knowledge and lead with amazing and brilliant women.

For sure you will have challenges and you might be scared, but you will overcome those because you know how privileged you are compared to other girls and because you will develop bravery and persistence. Those challenges will become opportunities to learn and explore new and amazing stuff. You won’t succeed in everything and it happens to everyone, but it will be fun and you will definitely learn from your failures. 

Lastly, being a girl and growing up in a small town does not make you less than anyone.

“You are worthy and you belong here” Rosa M. Ramos-Kwok.

Cristina Roncal