Laura Uzcátegui: Finding a Dream Job Through WWCode

Laura Uzcátegui: Finding a Dream Job Through WWCode

Written by Laura Uzcategui Jauregui

Member Reflections

This is the story of how Women Who Code has helped and improved my career.

When I first moved to Ireland I fell in Love with all of the community movements, and I started attending meetups. I became an organizer for Women Techmakers in early 2015 and started organizing its main event in March. That’s when I began looking for speakers and my first point of contact was Sheree Atcheson, who kindly offered her assistance in finding speakers for the event. After that we stayed in touch and she asked me if I wanted to become a Network Director and help create the WWCode Dublin branch, which I of course immediately accepted.

WWCode Dublin’s first event was in November 2015, and it was there that I met one of the Managers of Workday, the company I currently work for. After creating a professional and supportive relationship with them, I was contacted by one of the company’s recruiters, which in turn lead me to the awesome Software Engineer position I currently hold.

One key for my career was to be persistent about both the personal and professional goals I fixed for myself. Never surrender when obstacles arise and work hard, but also help others to become successful too.

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