Largest Community of Women in Technology Releases Data on Pay Equality in Tech Industry

Largest Community of Women in Technology Releases Data on Pay Equality in Tech Industry

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Study Released by Women Who Code Shows that Women and Diverse Technologists Value Fair Compensation and Career Growth Potential as Biggest Factors in Job Satisfaction 

ATLANTA – JULY 17TH, 2023 Women Who Code (WWCode), an international nonprofit supporting the careers of diverse women technologists has released their annual report on pay equality in the industry. 734 participants from 59 countries were asked about the factors that were most important to them in their jobs including salary, benefits, lifestyle flexibility, and opportunities available to grow in their careers. Results show that pay inequality continues to be a major factor in attrition for women working in tech.

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In the survey, three fourths (73%) of participants reported that fair and competitive compensation was the most important part of a company’s offerings, with 82% saying that it was one of the key benefits offered by the best companies. Career growth was also an important factor, with 43% of respondents noting that a clear path for professional growth would significantly increase their job satisfaction, and 31% saying that training and development were important to them. Despite this, more than half of those surveyed (51%) said they were unable to find mentors at their current places of work.

Flexible work options and remote work continues to be important to women in tech, with 66% saying that it is a benefit that would make them consider working for a company, and 59% saying the same of a positive work / life balance. More than half (53%) said that healthcare benefits were important, and for 74%, a good health care program is one of the most attractive benefits companies can offer.

“Technology is constantly changing and the industry is in a particular time of flux right now with layoffs and economic pressures,” said Women Who Code CEO Alaina Percival. “Understanding the data behind pay equality and the careers of diverse women in the industry is vital in ensuring that we continue to challenge companies to value and offer fair compensation for the efforts of their diverse employees.”

In 2023, job turnover continues to be a career mainstay for women in tech. Since the beginning of 2022, 33% of survey respondents have changed roles, with nearly one-in-five (18%) due to layoffs. Roughly one third of those who did not leave due to layoffs cited dissatisfaction with the hours or lifestyle, with another third citing personal health reasons. 23% were seeking higher pay. 41% of respondents reported that they had quit a job in the past due to pay inequality. 

“Understanding and amplifying how these trends more deeply impact technologists with intersectional identities is critical,” said Joey Rosenberg, Women Who Code President, Product and Communications. “Recognizing, for example, that a majority of LGBTQIA+ technologists (55%) did not believe that their organizations remain committed to diversity and one-in-five (22% of) neurodivergent technologists do not feel like they can be their authentic selves at work points to the need for follow up research to better understand how company culture can be shaped to better support diverse employees.”  

Only 45% of women reported that they felt valued by their employers and 44% said they felt engaged in their current role. More than two-thirds (69%) said that their teammates valued and understood their contributions and 71% said they felt comfortable speaking up on their teams. However, only 37% felt that pay equality could be achieved in their lifetimes.

The Women Who Code Equal Pay Survey has been conducted since 2018 and is an annual report designed to better understand and amplify the perspectives of professional women in the technology industry.

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