Become Our Next WWCode Leadership Fellow

Become Our Next WWCode Leadership Fellow

Written by Grecia Castaldi

Leadership Fellow

More than four years ago, Women Who Code announced the creation of our Technical Track Communities– Blockchain, Cloud, Data Science, Front End, Mobile, and Python, and with that, our community grew even more extensive. Along with launching these online communities, we started our Leadership Fellow Program, an opportunity for engineers to build their leadership skills while giving back to the community.

Our Leadership Fellows help us grow our members, develop programs and lead online events related to their Technical Track. They also manage a team of volunteers, including finding, onboarding, and mentoring them, and support WWCode’s global programs.

We have a new cohort of Fellows every year, and all of the Fellows we’ve had until now have brought a new vision with innovative and creative ideas for our communities. 

Our first cohort of Leadership Fellows started with six outstanding technologists, Gnana Lakshmi TC (Blockchain), Maddie Shang (Data Science), Anne Hopkins (Cloud), Emily Rhymer (Python), Jennifer Ponder (Front End), and Mackenzie Bryant (Mobile), who helped us launch the technical communities and created a solid base on how they should work. 

The second cohort, from 2020 to 2021, consisted of MK Comer (Front End and Mobile), Kamari Patrick, Briana Augenreich (Python and Cloud), Naomi Freeman (Blockchain and Data Science), Sapphire Duffy (Data Science), and Archana Vaidheeswaran (Python), and they helped us adapt and manage online communities during the crisis of the pandemic. It was a challenge for everyone, but they kept members and volunteers united. 

The third cohort (2021-2022), with Anjali Menon (Blockchain), Zarreen Reza (Data Science), Stephanie Rideout (Python), Jiaqi Liu (Cloud), Princiya Sequeira (Front End), and Sierra OBryan (Mobile), brought many new ideas and collaboration between different technical tracks to keep our members updated and engaged. They also organized the Mobile Dev Summit and BlockDataPy Dev Summit for the first time.

Our current cohort (2022-2023) with Bhavya Batra (Blockchain), Eliza Sarobhasa (Python), Luz de León (Front End), Mansi Aggarwal (Data Science), Navati Jain (Mobile), and Rashmi Muralidharan (Cloud), has been doing a great job collaborating with each other, the local Networks, and helping organize the WWCode Dev Summit: Mobile & Web, and the WWCode Dev Summit: BlockDataPy.

We are now announcing our fifth cohort of Leadership Fellows (2023-2024) that will start in August. The application is open now and anyone can apply to become one of our Leadership Fellows. We are looking for engineers who want to practice their leadership skills and give back to the community. 

Why You Should Apply

By being a Fellow, you would be able to meet an amazing group of volunteers and members from all over the world, share ideas with them, and put them into practice. WWCode is the most active organization that promotes women in technology, our Technical Track communities are always active and engaged. All of them are supportive and safe spaces where our members and volunteers can practice their leadership and speaking skills, and learn from one another. 

The Selection Process

The application is open May 15 – June 15. We run a basic first filter to select people who have experience in either of the technologies related to the tracks, and send them a challenge. We give them a few weeks to complete the challenge. After the challenge, the selected candidates are invited to interview with members of the WWCode Program Team, and after interviews the six Fellows are selected. 

We have a committee of people who help us select our new cohort of fellows including our current Leadership Fellows, and members of the Program Team, including Stephanie Rideout, Digital Community Specialist, and me. 

Leadership Fellow Responsibilities 

We expect our Leadership Fellows to maintain their community as active and engaged. This includes organizing technical events (about 3-4 per month), keeping a conversation on Slack, and coming up with other engaging activities such as trivia, book clubs, study groups, Slack code challenges, and meet and greets.

Your Commitment

It is a part-time job. Leadership Fellows usually have their day-to-day jobs and they additionally spend about 10-15 hours a week on their Fellow activities. 

How You Can Apply

Find more about the role and how to apply here, and expect more information from us soon! We look forward to seeing your application!