Written by Liliana Herrera

Free Tickets

I just wanted to share how the InspireFest experience was for me:

First, I am very grateful for the tickets, it was overall a very good experience. I had the chance to see a lot of speakers from different and important companies such as Intel, Dropbox, and Accenture. They talked about true equality at the workplace, for example, Accenture is giving a one year permit to work from home to both parents (man and woman) from the moment their child is born; and showed very inspiring new projects like Intel's fireworks that are actually programmed drones in sync.

InspireFest Fringe is an event at a park where you can do some networking, enjoy different activities, check out different research projects and some cultural performances.

Before going, I was considering just settling for any job offer I could find as a recent graduate, but now I am very inspired and have made up my mind that I truly want to work for a great company in one of their Graduate Programmes in order to learn a lot and grow as a professional just like any speaker from Inspire Fest.

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