Hannah Oiknine:Creating a PR Revolution Through Leadership and Code

Hannah Oiknine:Creating a PR Revolution Through Leadership and Code

Written by WWCode HQ With Thanks to Hannah Oiknine

Member Reflections

Hannah Oiknine is a successful entrepreneur who has launched a startup that is changing the way the PR industry works. This is a passion project that has grown into a career, propelling her to a leadership position in the tech industry while also affording her the chance to be an innovator that is driving the pace of technology.

She spoke about her work, “Babbler is my current project! I founded it with my sister! We are changing the way PR gets done by connecting story makers with storytellers. We created the first PR social network that allows you to interact directly with the reporters/ influencers you target based on our algorithm of matching. I founded the company two years ago from Paris with my sister Sarah and we now have two offices between Paris and New York.”

Hannah is one of those rare individuals that has managed to found a tech startup without any formal experience in the industry. She describes the process, “We faced many challenges, we did not have a tech background, we were young, we did not have money and we did not have any competitor! So we had to be surrounded by the right people, find coders, raise money, and protect our idea while making it grow. When you are an entrepreneur, you face difficulties every single day but passion makes you overcome them. Not giving up was the key.”

Through the creation of Babbler, Hannah has been able to express her imagination in reality, taking part in the changing of an industry while empowering the people around her to share in that dream, and the company just joined Techstars Austin. She considers this her dream job, because, “I always wanted to be free to innovate, lead and change things. Dream jobs are the ones that allow you to.”

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