Diversifying the Tech Ecosystem: Winners and Highlights from the WWCode App Deploy Hackathon with Google Play

Diversifying the Tech Ecosystem: Winners and Highlights from the WWCode App Deploy Hackathon with Google Play

Written by WWCode HQ


Women Who Code is excited to announce the winners of the 2023 WWCode App Deploy Hackathon in Partnership with Google Play! This unique event, held in collaboration with Google Play, provided an opportunity for diverse technologists to showcase their development skills by creating and deploying Android apps. It was a space for learning, growth, and networking within the WWCode community with the goal of diversifying representation in the Google Play ecosystem. 

From beginners to seasoned developers, participants dedicated their time to building and deploying Android apps on Google Play. The hackathon emphasized skill development in a supportive environment so participants could deploy their first Android app and create a valuable portfolio piece.

The projects were evaluated based on criteria such as presentation, API integration, simplicity of the solution to a common problem, code quality and efficiency, and user interface. The participants’ efforts were recognized with First, Second, and Third Place awards, highlighting their commitment to innovation and collaboration. 

First Place Winner: Marissa Campa | RecipeApp — A Recipe Finder 

Second Place Winner: Eeva-Jonna Panula | BragDoc 

Third Place Winner: Melike Altin, Arzu Caner, Ezgi Efe, and Yagmur Baran Karakus | Travel Brew

The hackathon was a celebration of the spirit of the WWCode mission: Diverse coders coming together to collaborate, learn from each other, and make their mark in tech.  

“Coming from backgrounds with limited coding experience, we faced a steep learning curve, yet we embraced this challenge with enthusiasm. Our journey through the Hackathon was not just about developing an app; it was a profound learning experience, rich in acquiring new technical skills and understanding complex technologies like AI and database management,” said Zeddikia C., hackathon participant and Team Lead for the EZ List app group.  

“This project, therefore, represents more than just a technological endeavor; it symbolizes our initiation into the world of coding and collaborative tech development, marking the beginning of what we hope will be a long and fruitful journey in tech innovation.” 

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