Craigslist Founder Pledges $75K Donation Match in Support of the World’s Largest

Craigslist Founder Pledges $75K Donation Match in Support of the World’s Largest

Written by WWCode HQ

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Women Who Code Engages in Campaign Fostering Empowerment of Members and a Culture of Philanthropy Emphasizing the Organization's Impact Around Giving Tuesday 

ATLANTA – NOVEMBER 11TH, 2022Women Who Code (WWCode), the largest and most active community dedicated to supporting the careers of diverse women in technology, is proud to announce a partnership with Craig Newmark Philanthropies, where up to $75K in donations to the organization will be matched 1:1. WWCode is celebrating this generous pledge with a campaign of empowerment focusing on the positive impact that is possible individually through engagement and support of the organization. 

Craig Newmark is well known for philanthropic efforts over the last two decades in support of journalistic ethics, veterans affairs, election integrity, and cybersecurity, as well as being an advocate for women and girls in technology. He has worked with Women Who Code for several years via grantmaking and public support. In the current campaign, his $75K donation match to Women Who Code’s efforts are amplified through a communications campaign featuring his appearance on the Women Who Code Show and a public pledge of support.

“I believe in the mission of Women Who Code because we need to be fair to everyone and empower diverse women in their quest for technical mastery,” said Craig Newmark. “Women only make up 26% of technology jobs which means we’re missing out on a huge portion of the population that can contribute unique perspectives, new ways of thinking, and innovations. That's how to build the future. If you want to build the future, sometimes the best way is to invent it yourself.” 

Women Who Code is celebrating ten years as a nonprofit where it has grown to be the world’s largest and most active community of women technologists. Honoring that work, they have collated member testimonials across multimedia channels demonstrating the impact and importance of the organization's mission and vision. This campaign amplifies the individual experience members have had over the years, testimonials of personal impact, and emphasizes a culture of philanthropy with the global community working together to support one another.  

“The support Craig Newmark shows for our mission demonstrates that he understands the importance of building a more inclusive technology industry,” said WWCode CEO Alaina Percival. “When diverse perspectives have a seat at the table, we can create technology that works better for everyone and find new ways to innovate and create the future.”

About Women Who Code

Women Who Code (WWCode) is an international nonprofit that empowers diverse women to excel in technology careers. WWCode is building a world where diverse women and historically excluded people thrive at every level. The organization has executed more than 15,000 free events around the world, garnered a membership exceeding 320,000, and delivers programming to members in 147 countries.  Help empower even more women to advance in tech with the training and community they need to succeed by supporting WWCode. Learn more at