Celebrating The 2023 Applaud Her Awards: 100 Technologists To Watch List

Celebrating The 2023 Applaud Her Awards: 100 Technologists To Watch List

Written by Gabriella Hall


Our Historic First Ever 100 Technologists To Watch List

Today marks a momentous day not just in Women Who Code’s history but for the future of women in technology worldwide. We are proud to announce the first-ever Applaud Her Awards: 100 Technologists To Watch list has just been released, and you are encouraged to browse this year’s distinguished technologists! 

This year’s honorees hail from various technical backgrounds and professions in industries such as FinTech, Aerospace, Cybersecurity, DEI, and many more. It is essential to our mission and this community’s collective goals to amplify the outstanding contributions of diverse technologists who inspire countless others to pursue their passions in tech. The debut of this list marks the beginning of a new annual awards tradition to elevate the often-underappreciated work of 100 select individuals who are ushering in a brighter, more inclusive future for the next generation of technologists. 

The Leaders We Need

The 100 incredible leaders in tech featured as part of this year’s list are well-positioned to lead the charge in addressing the societal challenges of our time. As technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives, it is imperative that it is developed with the focus on social responsibility and ethics that each one of this year’s honorees has and continue to exhibit. As drivers of innovation, they bring a fresh perspective to their respective fields and push the boundaries of what progress can and should look like. With this featured list, we rejoice in 100 unique and incredible stories of personal and professional triumph and hard work that has led to impressive success and the improvement of countless lives.

A Win For Them, Is A Win For All Of Us

The common expression, “If you see it, you can be it” really holds weight when it comes to the representation of women in the tech industry. The gender gap in tech is a well-documented issue, with women underrepresented in many tech-related professions. By honoring 100 diverse individuals in tech, we can help to address this gap and provide more opportunities for women and people from marginalized communities to succeed in this field. In shining a light on the leaders who demonstrate through their work and advocacy a real commitment to making their fields far more accessible to people of all backgrounds, this celebration will continue to inspire and motivate all of us to fight for structural changes and equitable conditions in our work. 

We recognize the number of technologists who are shifting their industries and contributing to positive changes that are dismantling the barrier to entry for traditionally underrepresented members of tech is far too exhaustive and cannot be limited to only 100 individuals. The Women Who Code community has 343,000 members in 147 Countries who are standout technologists and deserve to know how important and crucial you are in making the changes our society needs. If you or a colleague have a recent tech success, achievement, or milestone that you would like to share, you are encouraged to submit an applaud her! Also feel encouraged to fill out the 2023 Equal Pay Survey and share your experiences, thoughts on the wage gap, and how issues such as layoffs, pandemics, and bias in the workplace impact you. 

Congratulations to this year’s featured 100 Technologists To Watch! Thank you for being you, and for inspiring us all to keep striving for more!