Career Nav #35: How To Balance Between Professional and Personal Groups

Career Nav #35: How To Balance Between Professional and Personal Groups

Written by Priyal Jain


Priyal Jain, Development Engineer at Calsoft and Women Techmakers Ambassador, shares her talk, “How To Balance Between Professional and Personal Groups.” She discusses the importance of involvement in the community, even if you don’t feel you can contribute. She also shares her views on being straightforward and true to your priorities.

We have to learn many things, and there is so much competition. We are associated with so many networking events, so many communities, and so many open-source technologies. We’re usually stuck between personal and professional growth. I have been working as a web developer working on Angular. I have three-plus years of experience in the IT industry. I love to create websites and have done so much creative work. I have learned so many things. I did mentoring and open-source events to improve myself and my knowledge.I love to contribute to open-source communities. I joined networking events to meet new people. I wanted to know about them and to create more understanding of my career and my growth.

I belong to Women Who Code. I am a woman technical ambassador at Google Developer Groups in India and associated with co-organizing in the Google Developer Cloud Community. We do a lot of networking events. We bring women empowerment and networking activities. We have to face so many challenges. How do we manage people? How do we influence people? We divide the tasks into specific roles and responsibilities and do them very efficiently. As a professional or student, how will you balance community and work? Career is significant, but so are community and networking. It is about learning the perfect balance. If you can’t do anything, stay in front of people.

A straightforward nature is best. We have to face so many challenges which we have to focus on. Challenges such as learning and your goals for your professional and career growth. Women hesitate to do things. Women also don’t say things upfront to people. That is challenging for us. We should motivate, encourage and support women to do these things. I believe you will decide. You are the owner of your life. Nobody can rule your life and say that you have to do this or you have to do that. You will decide which task is your main priority.

Be positive, and you will balance things according to your interest. Your interest and your passion are significant. You should do things according to your career path. We can’t compare somebody else’s goals to ours because our goals differ. Everybody has different perspectives. We cannot judge who is correct or who is not valid. Women Who Code, women technicals, or other women tech communities bring initiative and women empowerment. We can get more women into technology. We can motivate more women. Women don’t take the initiative about each and everything. This is what the community is for, to take the initiative and to offer new roles.

Guest: Priyal Jain, Development Engineer at Calsoft and Women Techmakers Ambassador 

Producer: JL Lewitin, Senior Producer, Press and Digital Content, Women Who Code