Women Who Code San Diego

Women Who Code inspires women to excel in technology careers.

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Launched December 2016

Our Story

Women Who Code started as a community group in 2011 when a handful of technologists decided they wanted to change the industry experience for women engineers. Since then, it has become a global non-profit organization and the world’s largest and most active community dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. One city at a time, Women Who Code spread around the world, reaching more than 20 countries.

Women Who Code San Diego was launched in 2017 when local leaders, including Leslie Pajuelo, Luisa Giuffrida, and Jillian Moore, stepped up to architect the community. The first event was held in October at Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation). Since then, amazing things have happened!

Engineers have had great experiences that helped them level up in their career, like hack nights, programming paradigms, and the angular monthly meetup.

Companies, inspired to help change the face of tech, have joined the cause, including great local partners like founding network sponsor Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation), and others including Google, Amazon, Petco, ue.co, AutoAnything, and Teradata.

Women Who Code leaders have been recognized as industry leaders, and continue to pave the way to a more diverse and inclusive workplace experience for everyone.

WWCode Director Jilian Moore spoke about the importance of Women Who Code in San Diego saying, “we’re providing a community for women technologists to gather, share ideas, and support each other.”

Many thanks to our partner who supports Women Who Code in our city!

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