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Slides available on our Slack Channel  https://bit.ly/2TglAk0  along with all the material discussed today. Talk covered Unsupervised Methods in NN & DL  https://twitter.com/WomenWhoCodeLA/status/1085555708211257344 …

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Women Who Code LA


Looking for a community to push you beyond your current limitations in your ML/DS journey? Our @MLNerdie webinars do just that. Today we studied Unsupervised ML in Medical Image Analysis, next week Reinf. Learning at  http://mlnerdie.tech  @PyLadiesLA #ai #machinelearning

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Women Who Code LA


Wondering how we deliver our Monthly Mentorship Nights? It takes crazy amount of work put together every month by @LearnToCodeLA alongwith @girlDevelopItLA .. this month's special hosting 👏 goes to Michelle Dicks. Michelle is a junior developer in Python, JavaScript, SQL #gogirl

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