Data Scientist/Engineer

202 Group

About Us

202 Group, an analytics company with roots in client service and analysis, seek a new member to scale existing solutions for larger data sets and broader client audiences and build cloud native tools for non-technical analysts. You will help build an integrated data pipeline focusing on data upload and storage, ETL, modeling, and reporting.

What you'll do at 202 Group
  • Build a data science environment using AWS and other commercial tools that acts as an analytic force multiplier
  • Maintain and adapt the environment to meet new analytic and client requirements
  • Serve as a resource for technical project execution
  • Contribute to and maintain sections of the 202 Group’s codebase
  • Help with selection and execution of ML/AI/NLP tasks as needed
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Casual 15-30 minutes zoom talk to assess mutual interest
  • Step 2: 30-45 minute technical assessment: Talk about a related project and white board a solution to a problem we've had
  • Step 3: 30-45 fit interview with non tech team members

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