Cofounder & Lead Engineer

DIYSE (the Do-It-Yourself Stock Exchange)

About Us

DIYSE (the Do-It-Yourself Stock Exchange) is an early stage, recently funded startup that is creating the world’s first social and competitive investment league where users build shadow investment portfolios to compete for real money in weekly and monthly tournaments.

What you'll do at DIYSE (the Do-It-Yourself Stock Exchange)
  • • Interest in and experience with gamifying applications and creating engaging user experiences.
  • • Full stack development experience preferred. We are a small team today, you will be willing to work across the stack.
  • • Experience with quick prototyping and resolving ambiguities. We are defining our product specs through innovation.
  • • Ability to recruit and manage the rest of your development team.
  • Ability to make high-level architecture decisions, and establish standards, tools, and engineering processes.
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Send over a note with something you've made, something you're good at, and a comment on what draws you to DIYSE.
  • Step 2: Interview with Cofounder
  • Step 3: Mini project challenge
  • Step 4: Video chat with Cofounder & HR Director
  • Step 5: Reference/Background checks and Offer. We are a small team and hire quickly when we find the right person.

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