Engineering Lead


About Us

At WorkStep, we make the industrial sector a better place to work. For workers, we provide intelligent job matching, skill development & feedback loops. For enterprise customers, our technology helps source, screen, train & retain hourly talent at scale. We just closed out series A and are growing our core team!

What you'll do at WorkStep
  • Coordination among engineers for parallelized development
  • Code review and codebase health / material code contribution
  • Monitoring and triaging application stability
  • Feature architecting / sizing and prioritization of engineering work items
  • Sprint burn-down, velocity, and on-time delivery
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Initial phone interview with CTO
  • Step 2: Coding challenge
  • Step 3: Code challenge review with CTO or Senior Eng
  • Step 4: Panel interview
  • Step 5: Reference checks - offer extended

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