Senior DevOps Engineer


About Us

Contino is changing the game in DevOps, Cloud and Container based consultancy services. We enable enterprise organizations to streamline their processes, reduce costs and increase efficiencies. We deploy teams to client sites to help change mentalities and approaches by facilitating a DevOps culture through upskilling and pair programming.

What you'll do at Contino
  • Experience and a deep understanding of working within a DevOps environment, Strong experience with AWS, GCP or Azure
  • Experience of the full software delivery lifecycle and working in complex enterprise environments
  • Strong grasp of container technology including container orchestration with tools such as Kubernetes, Rancher, Docker
  • Experience and interest in working in an Agile environment, Experience with CI/CD
  • Solid experience with either Puppet, Chef, Ansible or Saltstack, Solid understanding of Microservices and APIs
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Recruiter Phone Screen - 30 minute get to know you intro call
  • Step 2: Technical Screen - 45 minute zoom video call with a Senior Engineer
  • Step 3: Technical Screen - 45 minute zoom video call with a Technical Principal
  • Step 4: Final Interview Panel - 3 hour zoom video call, meet with 5 different Contini's across the business

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