Senior Frontend engineer


About Us

At ASAPP, our mission is to solve complex and challenging problems by building transformative machine learning-powered products. We leverage artificial intelligence to address significant challenges that share three common characteristics: huge economic scale, systemic inefficiencies, and tremendous amounts of data.

What you'll do at ASAPP
  • Be a key partner of our product and design teams, to help them build new features.
  • Create user interfaces that can handle both simple and complex interactions, including trees, graphs and flowcharts.
  • Communicate with other teams to deliver a unified and seamless UX across all of our applications.
  • Collaborate to take our development to the next level: bring new ideas, frameworks, technologies and best practices.
  • Focus on delivering great user experiences.
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Recruiter Screen
  • Step 2: (More information will be provided as the process progresses)
  • Step 3: Salary Alignement

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