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ITE Management

About Us

Founded in 2014, ITE is an investment firm targeting productive real asset investment opportunities managing $1.4bn+ of investor capital across various verticals, including rail and aviation. Its newly minted Technology Services team is searching for its first engineer who will head up and launch ITE's initial tech infrastructure and product suite.

What you'll do at ITE Management
  • Lead, develop, and manage ITE's first technical product suite powered off its robust database.
  • Ideate, build, iterate, and maintain ITE's initial technical stack and infrastructure to maximum efficiency.
  • Optimize ITE's database to handle scale and maintain data integrity by taking into account data security best-practices.
  • Recruit and lead a technical team that will work in an agile environment allowing for an iterative approach to building.
  • Collaborate with the COO and Data Scientist to develop the product roadmap based on company business and ops goals.
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Non-technical interview with COO of ITE Tech Services
  • Step 2: Coding challenge on Leetcode or HackerRank
  • Step 3: Technical Team Interview & Additional Technical Assessment - Chat with our Data Scientist Lead
  • Step 4: Culture Fit Interview - Chat with wider ITE team members
  • Step 5: Reference Checks, Personality Test, Offer Extended

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