Principal Front End Engineer

Hangar Alpha

About Us

Hangar funds and builds companies that have the potential for public impact at scale. We work with government agencies to identify where technology can help deliver superior services and outcomes for governments and the public. Hangar Alpha is our internal services arm, working directly with portfolio companies during the early stages of growth.

What you'll do at Hangar Alpha
  • Develop early prototypes and demos of potential product directions for our startups
  • Take lead on some of our projects/products (the front-end heavy ones, and/or the ones you’re most excited about).
  • Define our default choices for front-end technology. And, more importantly, help us decide when to deviate from them.
  • Help us brainstorm, develop, validate, create, and spin out new startups.
  • Work with founders and CEOs to understand their product and business, set technical strategy, and help them hire.
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Short phone/video screen w/hiring manager
  • Step 2: Coding challenge - 2-3 hours of work, max, on your schedule (or equivalent; we're flexible)
  • Step 3: Technical interviews (1-2), focused on coding challenge & past experience. Topics given in advance (no surprises!)
  • Step 4: Professional skills interviews (1-2), focused on communication/collaboration/etc. Again, topics given in advance.
  • Step 5: Reference checks & offer

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