Director of Developer Relations


About Us

Meeshkan is on a mission to improve the API economy by creating smart sandboxes for testing and prototyping against APIs. We're seeking a Director of Developer Relations to better serve developers that work with APIs and integration testing. From day one, we've been committed to a culture of gender parity in both salary and headcount!

What you'll do at Meeshkan
  • Identify communities of API users and learn about how they use the APIs.
  • Help API consumers write better integration tests.
  • Help developers create MVPs that use Meeshkan and note their pain points.
  • Contribute to the Meeshkan codebase by reporting issues, proposing pull requests, and reviewing pull requests.
  • Participate in and speak at API-related meetups and events.
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Non technical phone interview - chat with our CEO before moving to step 2.
  • Step 2: Coding challenge - Get to know our workflow and show us your problem solving skills.
  • Step 3: Review GitHub pull request.
  • Step 4: Technical phone interview - Chat with our Core Team members.
  • Step 5: Reference checks - Offer extended.

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