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The traditional month-grid calendar layout was designed hundreds of years ago to help people plant crops and pay taxes. It can’t distinguish between routine events and the things that are truly important. Most of us see our schedule as a depiction of our bondage; DayBack makes it a tool for staking out your freedom.

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What you'll do at DayBack
  • Build additional features for a semi-public app we just launched: a user portal for one of our customers' apps.
  • Refine the build, test, and deploy procedures for this new app.
  • Meet remotely with the customer and our designers weekly to review deliveries and plot what's next.
  • Mentor junior JS developers here as they build add-ons for DayBack Calendar.
  • Contribute to DayBack Calendar, building new fetures, add-ons, and new datasources.
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Phone call with the CEO: non-technical, getting to know each other and seeing if this could be a fit.
  • Step 2: (2) Video chats with CEO and members of the team, talking about everyone’s goals. Technical but no coding.
  • Step 3: Take-home coding challenge to work on a small JS project in one of our apps. Questions encouraged.
  • Step 4: Video chat to discuss the challenge. Call references and do a background check.
  • Step 5: Offer extended.

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