Full Stack Software Developer (Agile Custom Software & Consulting)


About Us

Join our team to work on everything from front-end to server-side code and database architecture! We're a recognized leader in Agile.

What you'll do at Intelliware
  • Designing high quality applications that are highly scalable and extensible
  • Estimating, tasking and prototyping
  • Contributing clear and maintainable code to a shared codebase
  • Collaborating with cross-functional team members on features, design and implementation
  • Investigating, learning and applying new technologies and ​processes
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Phone Interview - 15-30 Min Phone Discussion in an HR Capacity
  • Step 2: 1st In-Person Interview - 1-1.5 Hour Initial Interview
  • Step 3: 2nd In-Person Interview - 1-1.5 Hour Technically Focused Interview
  • Step 4: 3rd In-Person Interview - (When Necessary) 1 - 1.5 Hour Technically Focused Interview
  • Step 5: Reference and Background Check

Welcome to Women Who Code