Full Stack Software Engineer


About Us

We think it should be just as easy to trade in private companies as it is in public companies. Currently, many people believe that startup employee equity is only worth something if the company IPOs or is acquired. We are building a centralized, efficient market to trade in private companies, and we could use your help doing it.

What you'll do at Zanbato
  • Ship code to users in your first week and every week after. Take ownership and lead your own project within 8 weeks
  • Work autonomously and set your timeline, architecture, and task breakdown
  • Start projects with the product team to understand the motivation and shape the specs
  • Explore and learn any technology or approach to get the job done and write quality, performant, well-tested code
  • Collaborate with the other engineers over code review and constant discussion
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: All-in-one phone interview including an explanation of Zanbato, your experience, and technical questions
  • Step 2: Second technical phone interview (if necessary)
  • Step 3: Onsite interview including 2 whiteboard questions, 1 pair programming, and meeting the rest of the team
  • Step 4: An offer (we hope!)

Welcome to Women Who Code