Software Engineer/Web-UI (remote ok)

Falcon Project

About Us

Falcon is the code-name for a stealth mode startup incubating in an established Silicon Valley-based company. Falcon will shortly “spin-out” as an independent, venture-backed corporation, with employees as important shareholders. We are lead by an experienced team, with backing from top-tier investors. This job is contract converting to full-time.

What you'll do at Falcon Project
  • Collaborate with your colleagues to design and implement the front-end of a complex, user-focused web-based application.
  • Design and implement JavaScript client SDKs for our customers to use in their web apps.
  • Participate in the evaluation and selection of tools and technologies appropriate to our project.
  • Monitor and evaluate your application, and plan for the future.
  • Lead by example: give and receive engineering feedback, contribute documentation and tests for for your work.
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Non-technical phone or video call (your choice) with a co-founder.
  • Step 2: If you provide a Github (or similar) link, we will review what you point us to. This is not required.
  • Step 3: Two technical but conversational video (or in-person if possible) interviews with a peer software engineer.
  • Step 4: We can code together if you choose - but we don't do puzzles.
  • Step 5: Reference check, offer extended.

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*NOTE: Tell them how awesome you are by sharing your skills and experience!

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