Senior Full Stack Developer


About Us

We are a small, highly collaborative team building out the infrastructure and applications to power targeted advertising for Democrats and progressives in 2019, 2020, and beyond -- from top-tier Senate races to local boards of education.

What you'll do at DSPolitical
  • Expertise in PHP 7 and the modern PHP ecosystem including familiarity with a major PHP framework such as Symfony
  • Expertise in modern Javascript, Competency in modern CSS preprocessors.
  • Strong experience working in a highly collaborative environment and the tools that facilitate it (Git, Jira, etc.)
  • Strong experience in interacting with a wide variety of APIs including those without pre-built SDKs
  • Knowledge of security best practices in modern web application environments.
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Phone Screen Hiring Manager
  • Step 2: In-Person(or virtual) Interview with Hiring Manager
  • Step 3: Second In-Person(or virtual) Interview with Executive
  • Step 4: Additional interviews may apply

Welcome to Women Who Code