Software Engineer Team Lead

Fosanis GmbH

About Us

What happens when you leave the doctor following a serious diagnosis? You forget most of what the doctor told you. We are trying to fill this gap, with medically and psychologically validated content, holding the patients' hand as they go through treatment. Our approach is scientific and the effect on quality of life meaningful. Help make a change!

What you'll do at Fosanis GmbH
  • Write and review REST API endpoints
  • Document your API and how the frontend devs should access it
  • Work with Product and Data Science teams to build new features
  • Synchronise with Product leadership to prioritise development goals
  • Be an integral part of the team
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Non technical phone interview
  • Step 2: In person interview
  • Step 3: Meet the founders - final screening for team fit
  • Step 4: Reference checks - Offer extended

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