Principal Software Engineer


About Us

To many thrust into our healthcare system the prospect of finding the right doctor in a sea of unknowns can be daunting. We're changing that.

What you'll do at Kyruus
  • Create high-quality, robust, easy-to-reason-about software with Python and Flask to build microservices.
  • Leverage microservices architecture design patterns to achieve performance, scale, robustness, and high availability.
  • Translate user stories into functional requirements and designs and break them down into parts that you can build.
  • Troubleshoot issues, identify root cause of errors in code, and provide effective solutions.
  • Communicate your ideas + designs to your teammates, actively ask for help, share knowledge, and enjoy mentoring.
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Technical Phone Screen w/ Hiring Manager
  • Step 2: Complete our "take-home technical exercise" and send your solution back to us while we schedule onsite interview.
  • Step 3: Two of our engineers will run through your solution to take home exercise during onsite interview (60-90min)
  • Step 4: After running through your solution meet with 3-4 more Kyruuvians for 30min each (around 4-4.5 hours total).
  • Step 5: Reference checks and offer stage (Horray!).

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